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Wednesday, October 1 
vail's daily log of leaning into nutrition

 Last posted Wed. Oct 1, 12:46am


9/28/14: No more bread will be brought into the house for the rest of the year!

my notes
I had lots of crunchy veggies in my salad at lunch, and calorie wise my day was ok. But it should have been better. I did get up and make a luscious potato & kale soup so that tomorrow dinner will be easy and delicious. Drinking my warm lemon water on the way to work really kept my thoughts from fast food so I will do that again tomorrow too.

My bad - still trying to figure out a way to incorporate more movement into my days. Usually Spring and Fall I ride my bike; I just need to do it! But not in the dark before work, and not after work when I have obligations dear to my heart. I will figure it out.

Hot lemon water, apple

Chopped salad with garbano beans, cowgirl ranch dressing

french fries....


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