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Tuesday, July 22 
vail's daily log of leaning into nutrition

 Last posted Wed. Jul 27, 10:42am

Eating for nutrition, and getting in my exercise each day are my goals. I am focusing on drinking enough water each day as the season changes & getting in enough greens to tame my urge towards comfort eating.

Long term: To Lose 70 pounds
Updated 7/23/11: 27 down 43 to go to reach my 1st goal of 160
Weight: (Oct. 06: 230) (May 08: 210) (Aug. 09: 192.2 ) (Jul 10: 185) (Jan 11:195) (Jul 11: 203)

Newest short term goal: lose the 18 pounds I've regained over the past year.
2010 Accomplishments
Arrive in Vegas leaner and stronger on Feb. 17th 2010 - Check!
Lose another ten pounds by Summer - Check!

2011 Accomplishments

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