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Clean Out Your Refrigerator! 8 Fri. Nov 16, 3:46pm
bottom heavy 4 Fri. Nov 16, 3:17pm
New weight watchers points formula 7 Fri. Nov 16, 3:01pm
How do you beat this feeling? 6 Fri. Nov 16, 2:59pm
Fat smash diet question: Can't get past day 3 on phase I 4 Fri. Nov 16, 2:52pm
LipoSculpture 0 Fri. Nov 16, 2:47pm
Jesus Haters- read this 25 Fri. Nov 16, 2:26pm
WWYD?? 3 Fri. Nov 16, 2:25pm
share your clever inspirational slogans 103 Fri. Nov 16, 2:01pm
Water pills 5 Fri. Nov 16, 1:46pm
smart loser 0 Fri. Nov 16, 1:10pm
Weight loss causing belly droop & sag 9 Fri. Nov 16, 1:03pm
How can I stop eating meat? 4 Fri. Nov 16, 12:51pm
New Progresso soup 0 Weight Watchers points 29 Fri. Nov 16, 12:43pm
Oh yum! 6 Fri. Nov 16, 10:49am
Problem food. Cold Turkey or gradual? 20 Fri. Nov 16, 10:18am
blood sugar crashes 15 Fri. Nov 16, 9:06am
Too big for the subway seat 31 Fri. Nov 16, 8:00am
Teens who want to be the next hot thing in school! 3 Thu. Nov 15, 10:43pm
Body Fat %? 16 Thu. Nov 15, 10:34pm
I read that it's 7 pounds per dress size. 11 Thu. Nov 15, 10:21pm
Help!!! I INHALE MY FOOD! 3 Thu. Nov 15, 10:17pm
How can I stop myself from eating soooo much 5 Thu. Nov 15, 10:14pm
reasonable inches loss? 1 Thu. Nov 15, 10:07pm
Size 0 in the USA is XS-S and 8-10 in Europe????? 16 Thu. Nov 15, 9:52pm
Too many OT Threads 10 Thu. Nov 15, 9:09pm
rosacea and foods 2 Thu. Nov 15, 9:06pm
Anyone looking for active logging and support?! 0 Thu. Nov 15, 3:52pm
how to reduce elevated levels of lead in a toddler 5 Thu. Nov 15, 3:45pm
Howdo you find out your calories burned per day? 7 Thu. Nov 15, 3:13pm
Online Support For Curves Members 0 Thu. Nov 15, 2:49pm
What Is Hashimoto's disease 1 Thu. Nov 15, 2:37pm
Nail Biting 11 Thu. Nov 15, 1:50pm
What is the best shampoo & conditioner? 24 Thu. Nov 15, 1:25pm
Mothers (new and old) wanting to lose their baby fat. 0 Thu. Nov 15, 1:23pm
Tips needed I EAT when I drink alcohol! 8 Thu. Nov 15, 12:11pm
Curvelle Diet pills 0 Thu. Nov 15, 11:55am
Does anyone take Armour Thyroid Medication? 21 Thu. Nov 15, 11:42am
I need motivation 1 Thu. Nov 15, 11:29am
how many calories burned in a mile? 12 Thu. Nov 15, 8:23am
"cutting yourself" 81 Thu. Nov 15, 7:05am
Do you get scared driving on the highway with all of those huge trucks? 9 Thu. Nov 15, 7:03am
How do I stop eating so much at night? Please help! 59 Thu. Nov 15, 7:02am
Anyone my twin? 11 Thu. Nov 15, 3:24am
I am having a really low day 7 Wed. Nov 14, 11:31pm
question about diuretics 11 Wed. Nov 14, 11:14pm
Weight Loss Accountability 8 Wed. Nov 14, 10:59pm
ldshealthy 0 Wed. Nov 14, 10:46pm
Are you positive or negative? Be honest! 13 Wed. Nov 14, 10:40pm
Alternative flours help 3 Wed. Nov 14, 8:16pm
is coffee good for you? 6 Wed. Nov 14, 7:54pm
What Did You Use to Eat? 37 Wed. Nov 14, 7:34pm
The threads in here are getting boring... 19 Wed. Nov 14, 6:54pm
Anyone own a ProForm 730CS treadmill? 9 Wed. Nov 14, 6:24pm
Fat in Nuts 5 Wed. Nov 14, 6:14pm
Abortion is now illegal in the 2nd trimester. WTF? 311 Wed. Nov 14, 6:06pm
what is a weight watchers meeting like? 5 Wed. Nov 14, 5:35pm
Can I still drink my 2 glasses of wine every day and lose weight? 6 Wed. Nov 14, 5:09pm
Ideas for really simple, portable lunch for a whole family 5 Wed. Nov 14, 4:04pm
How much do you fluctuate in your weight? 2 Wed. Nov 14, 4:01pm
How long does it take to show weight? 1 Wed. Nov 14, 4:00pm
OT-abnormal vaginal bleeding 8 Wed. Nov 14, 3:49pm
What food can you NOT have in the house? 20 Wed. Nov 14, 3:38pm
Thanksgiving 7 Wed. Nov 14, 3:25pm
When to eat or not 8 Wed. Nov 14, 1:54pm
How do YOU motivate yourself to exercise? 20 Wed. Nov 14, 12:45pm
You'll never guess what the doc diagnosed me with... 6 Wed. Nov 14, 12:20pm
Awesome Taco Chili Recipe (Weight Watchers) 4 Wed. Nov 14, 12:18pm
Recipe HELP Pleeeeease.............. 10 Wed. Nov 14, 12:17pm
Medical Errors and Doctor Errors- Some Perspective 0 Wed. Nov 14, 9:49am
Baby corn vs corn on the cob. Nutritional difference? 3 Wed. Nov 14, 8:54am
Sensitive Skin Issues 10 Wed. Nov 14, 8:27am
Ugg... anyone know how to "grow" personal accountability? 3 Wed. Nov 14, 4:07am
Why do/did you over eat?? 5 Wed. Nov 14, 1:16am
Birth Control Weight Gain 133 Wed. Nov 14, 12:53am
Slim fast? 40 Tue. Nov 13, 11:52pm
Blended family 15 Tue. Nov 13, 10:58pm
When to give children antibiotics? 12 Tue. Nov 13, 7:48pm
Fructose corn syrup - why is it everywhere?? 10 Tue. Nov 13, 6:53pm
Alcohol 15 Tue. Nov 13, 6:30pm
One Sore Nipple??? 2 Tue. Nov 13, 6:21pm
what is working for you? 3 Tue. Nov 13, 5:27pm
How can a DR help me lose weight? 4 Tue. Nov 13, 5:08pm
Fighting Depression and Anxiety without Drugs 23 Tue. Nov 13, 4:44pm
fresh fruit vs. frozen fruit 3 Tue. Nov 13, 2:56pm
Weight Watchers points system FAQ 7 Tue. Nov 13, 2:47pm
Overweight Children - Who's to blame? 22 Tue. Nov 13, 1:21pm
Is anyone on the FAT SMASH DIET, BY DR IAN SMITH 113 Tue. Nov 13, 11:54am
Is an annual physical exam worth it? 21 Tue. Nov 13, 10:42am
I am officially overweight according to dr. koop 53 Tue. Nov 13, 10:31am
Want to be a Size 0? 50 Tue. Nov 13, 9:46am
Need motivation to workout? 2 Tue. Nov 13, 8:51am
Looking for Members With Goals To Lose 100 lbs. 1 Tue. Nov 13, 5:01am
Do doctors correctly diagnose food allergies and sensitivities? 24 Tue. Nov 13, 4:53am
Gym PET PEEVES 98 Tue. Nov 13, 12:22am
medical system in the US is the 3rd leading cause of death 58 Tue. Nov 13, 12:19am
Sore nipples 25 Mon. Nov 12, 11:25pm
Sleep & Weight Loss 2 Mon. Nov 12, 11:12pm
Do you feel guilty being FAT? 25 Mon. Nov 12, 10:58pm
Want to just finish a half or full marathon? 4 Mon. Nov 12, 10:09pm
Hair Conditioner 9 Mon. Nov 12, 9:47pm
For parents of grade school age girls 15 Mon. Nov 12, 9:25pm
new, fast, upbeat workout music? 10 Mon. Nov 12, 9:22pm
Carmen Electra's workout 3 Mon. Nov 12, 9:20pm
Abnormal Pap Smear 42 Mon. Nov 12, 5:56pm
Grief 11 Mon. Nov 12, 3:18pm
"bubble butt" 7 Mon. Nov 12, 12:14pm
****New Spotlight Is Up, We Left Some Open Spaces 5 Mon. Nov 12, 9:59am
new gout drug looks promising 0 Mon. Nov 12, 8:41am
Christmas gift ideas 26 Sun. Nov 11, 8:50pm
Diastasis Recti 48 Sun. Nov 11, 8:07pm
The Four Day Win 8 Sun. Nov 11, 7:15pm
Lunch for the Ladies 1 Sun. Nov 11, 2:28pm
High protein diet? 21 Sun. Nov 11, 2:10pm
calories in NY style slice of pizza? 16 Sun. Nov 11, 11:11am
need help with a chocolate fix that won't get you hungrier? 0 Sun. Nov 11, 10:28am
Shadybrook 99% fat free ground turkey in NYC? 1 Sun. Nov 11, 9:54am
Mange tout: vegetable or legume??? 9 Sun. Nov 11, 9:38am
How happy are you with your relationship? 11 Sun. Nov 11, 9:37am
Don't Want to be Skinny! 6 Sun. Nov 11, 9:32am
scab on mole 16 Sun. Nov 11, 2:52am
should overweight people be held accountable? 39 Sun. Nov 11, 2:18am
back in florida wat tomake a team with me??? 4 Sat. Nov 10, 10:17pm
POLL: Jeans that fit real women 74 Sat. Nov 10, 9:12pm
Serious Team looking to Seriously lose 55 Sat. Nov 10, 8:46pm
Working out, eating healthy, trying to firm up 0 Sat. Nov 10, 7:20pm
Working out, eating healthy, trying to firm up 0 Sat. Nov 10, 7:20pm
OT: Toddler Girls Ice Skates 5 Sat. Nov 10, 4:57pm
Vegetarian Fat Smash? 2 Sat. Nov 10, 2:11pm
Marriage Torn 30 Sat. Nov 10, 2:10pm
Weights 2 Sat. Nov 10, 1:50pm
Swimming... 42 Sat. Nov 10, 5:18am
Is a 1kg loss per week a reasonable goal? 13 Sat. Nov 10, 3:12am
JUST Wondering... Does anybody know.... 6 Fri. Nov 9, 11:31pm
TGIF 6 Fri. Nov 9, 10:09pm
Eating like a pig 47 Fri. Nov 9, 9:59pm
Holy Tea... A Natural Way to Cleanse and Detox... 3 Fri. Nov 9, 9:51pm
Does losing weight age you? 7 Fri. Nov 9, 9:46pm
OT - Designer Bag Fashionistas 1 Fri. Nov 9, 9:37pm
Eat To Live 17 Fri. Nov 9, 5:32pm
OT, If you suffer from canker sores.. 5 Fri. Nov 9, 5:02pm
Cheap and easy... 3 Fri. Nov 9, 4:31pm
Anyone in need of a Beck Diet Solution Diet Coach? 0 Fri. Nov 9, 2:48pm
Getting Your Husband To Lose Weight 10 Fri. Nov 9, 2:24pm
Tis the Slow Cooker Season 25 Fri. Nov 9, 12:50pm
Join me, join me! 1 Fri. Nov 9, 11:50am
for anyone who's lost weight mostly by 'portion control' 15 Fri. Nov 9, 11:33am
sweet potatoes 33 Fri. Nov 9, 11:28am
Best time in the day for a weigh in? 7 Fri. Nov 9, 11:23am
wu-long (oolong) tea? 12 Fri. Nov 9, 10:52am
losing weight with a junk eating family 0 Fri. Nov 9, 9:19am
OT: Anyone a part of a WINE CLUB? 0 Fri. Nov 9, 8:38am
Trouble shooting counting calories 7 Thu. Nov 8, 9:43pm
bra size 24 Thu. Nov 8, 9:23pm
Avoiding the bloated look 3 Thu. Nov 8, 5:31pm
cals eaten vs cals burned 16 Thu. Nov 8, 4:52pm
Is Olive Oil Good For The Skin? 76 Thu. Nov 8, 4:37pm
New Group for those that like to comment! 0 Thu. Nov 8, 4:07pm
work at home or uncommon work schedule challenges/benefits 9 Thu. Nov 8, 3:45pm
I Am a Good Person, BUT My Personality SUCKS :( 46 Thu. Nov 8, 2:56pm
Depo shot 20 Thu. Nov 8, 11:38am
My 2007 Holiday Guidelines 7 Thu. Nov 8, 11:31am
What's working for me! 2 Thu. Nov 8, 9:40am
When are Doctors and Clinics going to be Held Accountable 10 Thu. Nov 8, 8:52am
Does anyone have any healthy recipes? 12 Thu. Nov 8, 4:10am
New Team... 0 Wed. Nov 7, 7:48pm
Are you from california? 0 Wed. Nov 7, 7:15pm
danger of empty calories in diet 5 Wed. Nov 7, 5:50pm
Why am I not seeing a change 3 Wed. Nov 7, 5:02pm
tips for negotiating medical bills 28 Wed. Nov 7, 2:23pm
gift for hospitality 6 Wed. Nov 7, 12:40pm
cervical cancer vaccine 47 Wed. Nov 7, 12:06pm
Sugar High 12 Wed. Nov 7, 11:59am
Step Aerobic DVD - Trying to find some good ones. 11 Wed. Nov 7, 10:28am
For all teens that want to LOSE some weight 0 Wed. Nov 7, 9:34am
I'm losing, he's gaining 28 Wed. Nov 7, 7:45am
Extreme Fat Smash vs Fat Smash Diet- what is the difference? 2 Wed. Nov 7, 12:01am
Thigh size 7 Tue. Nov 6, 8:32pm
Ladies Book Ending 50 and Sick of Being Fat 0 Tue. Nov 6, 7:07pm
weight loss success story! 23 Tue. Nov 6, 6:57pm
over 45 and not giving up yet 1 Tue. Nov 6, 5:58pm
Check us out!!!!! 0 Tue. Nov 6, 5:55pm
Winter Challenge 11 Tue. Nov 6, 4:08pm
Just thinking 15 Tue. Nov 6, 4:00pm
Does working out affect mood? 11 Tue. Nov 6, 3:55pm
face moisturizer--what's your fav? 12 Tue. Nov 6, 2:03pm
Can you eat too many apples? 12 Tue. Nov 6, 12:45pm
Come join me I am all alone... 0 Tue. Nov 6, 12:15pm
Need a little help :( 6 Tue. Nov 6, 11:45am
OT, Totally OT - I HATE MY HUSBAND 63 Tue. Nov 6, 11:44am
Zylene... 2 Tue. Nov 6, 11:21am
Do you believe that most people are inherenty "good"? 24 Tue. Nov 6, 11:05am
what is your "hair-do" -- down there??? 114 Tue. Nov 6, 1:53am
Sweet Potato Recipes 3 Tue. Nov 6, 1:18am
being overweight increases breast cancer risk? 5 Mon. Nov 5, 11:42pm
Curves Fitness for Women 14 Mon. Nov 5, 7:35pm
embarrasing yoga related question 31 Mon. Nov 5, 5:28pm
MYO Nut Butter? What tool do you use? 5 Mon. Nov 5, 3:33pm
what is the best combo of cardio/strength training? 10 Mon. Nov 5, 3:32pm
excessive burping 5 Mon. Nov 5, 3:19pm
Opinion--Should Women Hunt? 19 Mon. Nov 5, 3:00pm
kind of OT...triangle boobs? 12 Mon. Nov 5, 2:38pm
Looking for regular posters to really get support going! :) 0 Mon. Nov 5, 1:19pm
A chuckle for all you Canadian PT'ers 3 Mon. Nov 5, 12:34pm
How is it that a man can directly affect how I eat? 8 Mon. Nov 5, 10:02am
Weight loss after Hysterectomy 0 Mon. Nov 5, 9:33am
LA Fitness-Philadelphia Area. 2 Mon. Nov 5, 9:01am
Lose weight and have fun. 0 Mon. Nov 5, 8:09am
OA: Over Eaters Annonymous and Peertrainer 4 Mon. Nov 5, 8:02am
Commit to a new lifestyle... 1 Sun. Nov 4, 8:51pm
bye bye breasts? 14 Sun. Nov 4, 7:58pm
Join us..... 0 Sun. Nov 4, 3:27pm
Does your insurance company weight watchers? 4 Sun. Nov 4, 2:20pm
Erectile dysfunction an early warning sign for heart disease 1 Sun. Nov 4, 1:39pm
early morning - what to eat before I workout? 23 Sun. Nov 4, 11:59am
all teens listen up!!! 0 Sun. Nov 4, 11:48am
pains 3 Sun. Nov 4, 11:28am
DayLight Savings Time Changes This Weekend! 0 Sun. Nov 4, 1:03am
What's your dream come true? 25 Sat. Nov 3, 10:06pm
Any younger males out there? 0 Sat. Nov 3, 7:11pm
Pelvic pain while running 2 Sat. Nov 3, 6:20pm
Bachelors can drink and be healthy 0 Sat. Nov 3, 6:07pm
Slice me in half and make me skinny, LOL 0 Sat. Nov 3, 4:26pm
What happened to sherri71 or sherri something from the spotlight groups? 4 Sat. Nov 3, 1:46pm
If you are a student that.... and want to be healthy AND thin 0 Sat. Nov 3, 9:34am
If you are a student that.... and want to be healthy AND thin 0 Sat. Nov 3, 9:34am
What is your weight holding you back from? 22 Sat. Nov 3, 3:07am
Any ideas on the best sports bra for high intensity workouts? 21 Fri. Nov 2, 11:40pm
Sort if OT: Hair 19 Fri. Nov 2, 11:32pm
I don't have health insurance (I'm self employed) and it drives me nuts - help 24 Fri. Nov 2, 9:53pm
Whey protein....good for weight loss? 15 Fri. Nov 2, 9:51pm
advergaming- what kinds of games do you like to play? 1 Fri. Nov 2, 9:47pm
Good vibes for an IronWoman! 0 Fri. Nov 2, 8:23pm
Heathy weight 0 Fri. Nov 2, 7:42pm
Heathy weight 0 Fri. Nov 2, 7:42pm
I just started this group 0 Fri. Nov 2, 6:53pm
Looking for workout partners, Los Angeles w/ Bally gym 0 Fri. Nov 2, 1:14pm
bellydancing as a workout? 4 Fri. Nov 2, 12:47pm
Is it possible to lose weight without working out? 21 Fri. Nov 2, 12:44pm
Resistance Training/Weights 6 Fri. Nov 2, 9:53am
"how to look good naked" 8 Fri. Nov 2, 9:44am
Good arm toning excersises? 14 Fri. Nov 2, 9:03am
Are women grossed out by cross dressers? 108 Fri. Nov 2, 12:30am
importance of a coronary CT angiogram 0 Thu. Nov 1, 8:39pm
Triathlon Training for the Winter! 1 Thu. Nov 1, 6:21pm
Anybody in phase 1 Detox? 3 Thu. Nov 1, 6:01pm
The Cheesecake Factory 20 Thu. Nov 1, 5:12pm
My problem is not that I don't know how to eat well... 5 Thu. Nov 1, 4:30pm
Yummy coffee drinks! 7 Thu. Nov 1, 4:22pm
OT - Prayers 6 Thu. Nov 1, 3:44pm
Triathlon Training for the Winter! 2 Thu. Nov 1, 3:15pm
I want to lose weight after having baby 8 Thu. Nov 1, 2:42pm
losing weight without dieting 8 Thu. Nov 1, 1:46pm
Open Letter To Community 7 Thu. Nov 1, 1:06pm
Let's talk about PMS 10 Thu. Nov 1, 12:09pm
Stomach Pain After Ab Workouts 2 Thu. Nov 1, 12:02pm
How to lose weight at a desk job? 14 Thu. Nov 1, 11:48am
elliptical vs treadmill 5 Thu. Nov 1, 11:45am
college aged members- or everyone -I want your opinion! 6 Thu. Nov 1, 11:13am
how to be skinny 6 Thu. Nov 1, 10:04am
Kirsch's New York Diet 0 Thu. Nov 1, 9:46am
Tanning and execising... 17 Thu. Nov 1, 2:19am
Hair Poll - and NOT the hair down there, sheesh! 9 Wed. Oct 31, 9:55pm
1200 calories 10 Wed. Oct 31, 4:41pm
Let's Lose a Lot of Weight! 0 Wed. Oct 31, 3:22pm
Jenny Craig weight loss support group 0 Wed. Oct 31, 3:00pm
Giving a guy space- how much is enough? 18 Wed. Oct 31, 11:02am
Pet Peeve - not logging dinner+ 29 Wed. Oct 31, 9:17am
Calories Burned Per Activity Website? 5 Wed. Oct 31, 2:00am
Marketing strategies that make you mad 34 Tue. Oct 30, 11:52pm
best excersise for getting a tiny waist? 13 Tue. Oct 30, 9:35pm
help .... 10 Tue. Oct 30, 6:36pm
How much weight gain during PMS? 15 Tue. Oct 30, 6:15pm
losing weight- how to get started? 8 Tue. Oct 30, 4:50pm
Anyone have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 5 Tue. Oct 30, 3:43pm
I love hot dogs 9 Tue. Oct 30, 3:24pm
spinning butt 11 Tue. Oct 30, 3:23pm
Triathlon Training 0 Tue. Oct 30, 3:12pm
Websites for Food Allergies 9 Tue. Oct 30, 2:46pm
Article- Is eating out cheaper than cooking? 8 Tue. Oct 30, 2:26pm
NEXT TOP MODEL 7 Tue. Oct 30, 2:17pm
35 lbs to go 1 Tue. Oct 30, 1:48pm
Weight Loss and Fitness 1 Tue. Oct 30, 1:25pm
I still want to be Hollywood skinny. 40 Tue. Oct 30, 1:18pm
How much have you lost? 77 Tue. Oct 30, 12:46pm
weight loss and diabetes? 0 Mon. Oct 29, 9:27pm
weight loss and diabetes? 0 Mon. Oct 29, 9:27pm
When is the last time you bought something from the GAP? 3 Mon. Oct 29, 9:24pm
OT - Food Poisoning 11 Mon. Oct 29, 2:45pm
OT: goth people- why do they do it? 59 Mon. Oct 29, 2:38pm
Sic Weeks Pregnant 7 Mon. Oct 29, 1:19pm
Eating sweets prevents me from forming a bettr shape at the gym. 2 Mon. Oct 29, 8:09am
Sixty-three percent of American women think that if there's no family history of cancer, you're not likely to develop the disease 1 Sun. Oct 28, 5:13pm
busy moms losing weight 0 Sun. Oct 28, 3:59pm
PMS & Weight Gaim 3 Sun. Oct 28, 3:33pm
want to lose 30 pounds following weight watchers points 0 Sun. Oct 28, 1:23pm
my foot hurts when I walk 19 Sun. Oct 28, 10:58am
Weight Watcher Recipes... 26 Sun. Oct 28, 10:30am
I love New York 5 Sat. Oct 27, 6:15pm
Healthy snacks to bring to party 10 Sat. Oct 27, 2:05pm
Join In 0 Sat. Oct 27, 11:58am
how cut and prepare a pineapple 0 Sat. Oct 27, 9:06am
Effect of Alcohol on your body? 9 Sat. Oct 27, 8:54am
Hula hooping burns this many calories?! 11 Fri. Oct 26, 11:46pm
Atkins Diet 13 Fri. Oct 26, 8:42pm
Beck Diet Solution 7 Fri. Oct 26, 8:15pm
White heads 6 Fri. Oct 26, 8:13pm
Biggest Loser fans 6 Fri. Oct 26, 7:51pm
Pity Party - Apologies in Advance 41 Fri. Oct 26, 6:49pm
weight loss group for expats living in Japan 0 Fri. Oct 26, 5:15pm
Do you Sabotage yourself? 7 Fri. Oct 26, 5:01pm
Winter/New Years Challenge 08 Team 2 Fri. Oct 26, 5:00pm
Halloween scare 4 Fri. Oct 26, 4:48pm
The Cookie Diet 9 Fri. Oct 26, 4:43pm
Triathlon 3 Fri. Oct 26, 2:12pm
anyone doing the american diabetic exchange system 2 Fri. Oct 26, 2:04pm
How do you get rid of sausage arms? 7 Fri. Oct 26, 12:17pm
calories in water 9 Fri. Oct 26, 11:41am
diet pills????! 8 Fri. Oct 26, 11:02am
Looking for 2 people 0 Fri. Oct 26, 10:58am
OT - is anyone here good at Calculus? 1 Fri. Oct 26, 10:21am
gin, vodka is not ok for people with wheat allergies 9 Fri. Oct 26, 10:15am
Diet Dessert Recipes? 31 Fri. Oct 26, 9:47am
Great low-cal snacks 14 Fri. Oct 26, 9:43am
Are you fat AND happy? We are too. But looking to be healthy! 0 Fri. Oct 26, 6:04am
New Group 0 Thu. Oct 25, 10:04pm
Why Weight taining is more effective than Cardio 9 Thu. Oct 25, 9:45pm
Does Green Tea really help you lose weight? 11 Thu. Oct 25, 4:18pm
SUPPORT EACH OTHER 0 Thu. Oct 25, 3:43pm
whole Person 29 Thu. Oct 25, 1:29pm
Am I Crazy? 7 Thu. Oct 25, 1:22pm
Saran wrap anyone? 27 Thu. Oct 25, 7:37am
Running Question 15 Wed. Oct 24, 10:27pm
walk 1 Wed. Oct 24, 4:59pm
OT anyone here an "80s child"??? Help? 16 Wed. Oct 24, 4:57pm
supplements you swear by 0 Wed. Oct 24, 4:33pm
diabetes weight loss support group 0 Wed. Oct 24, 2:24pm
Do you ever tell someone they're eating too much? 29 Wed. Oct 24, 2:07pm
keeping mentally healthy? 4 Wed. Oct 24, 10:05am
Online workout log? 8 Wed. Oct 24, 8:28am
Funny... 2 Wed. Oct 24, 8:05am
whats the ideal workout routine for fat loss? 5 Wed. Oct 24, 7:36am
GOOD WORKOUT SONGS! 45 Wed. Oct 24, 2:53am
How To Lose Weight 1 Tue. Oct 23, 11:44pm
OT-why do my eyes turn blood shot when I haven't had enough sleep? 0 Tue. Oct 23, 10:24pm
suffering from a food allergy? 2 Tue. Oct 23, 9:32pm
bad, bad teeth problems 12 Tue. Oct 23, 9:00pm
looking for support 1 Tue. Oct 23, 7:38pm
exercise ball vs standard crunches 1 Tue. Oct 23, 6:41pm
Kids shaving 16 Tue. Oct 23, 6:39pm
Nutrition Facts vs Serving Size 2 Tue. Oct 23, 4:55pm
We have room for 1 more! 0 Tue. Oct 23, 1:37pm
are you a secret smoker? 2 Tue. Oct 23, 1:31pm
Dealing with weight loss and hypothyroidism 16 Tue. Oct 23, 1:30pm
Runners 4 Tue. Oct 23, 12:12pm
Oh brother! Sweaty croch during workout! Looks like I peed my pants! 14 Tue. Oct 23, 12:11pm
Toxic bosses (or work environment) 1 Tue. Oct 23, 11:29am
In Search of Active Groups and Teams 1 Tue. Oct 23, 10:55am
Poll: how much weight did you gain at the end of your pregnancy? 53 Tue. Oct 23, 10:36am
weight loss motivation group 0 Tue. Oct 23, 10:34am
Need motivation to start this journey... 3 Tue. Oct 23, 12:07am
OT- Wisdom Teeth Removal 18 Mon. Oct 22, 11:39pm
Celiacs Disease 6 Mon. Oct 22, 11:01pm
OT _ Statue of Liberty 6 Mon. Oct 22, 10:59pm
Join now! 1 Mon. Oct 22, 9:27pm
weight watchers points question 5 Mon. Oct 22, 9:25pm
Holy Calories! 43 Mon. Oct 22, 9:25pm
Help I EAT TO FAST!!!!!! 5 Mon. Oct 22, 2:39pm
Workout Videos 9 Mon. Oct 22, 2:27pm
what do you eat at a football game? 3 Mon. Oct 22, 1:32pm
TMI - question for large breasted girls... 19 Mon. Oct 22, 1:21pm
What do you reward yourself with? 9 Mon. Oct 22, 12:59pm
On-line receipes? 4 Sun. Oct 21, 6:33pm
Calorie Count Websites 5 Sun. Oct 21, 2:18pm
How can orange juice not have fiber in it? 4 Sun. Oct 21, 1:47pm
Looking like a model should not be your goal! Join this group to find out why... 0 Sun. Oct 21, 12:12pm
new team for the holidays 0 Sat. Oct 20, 4:03pm
come join 0 Sat. Oct 20, 11:16am
Weightloss retreat/bootcamp 4 Sat. Oct 20, 2:52am
ready to lose it all 2 Sat. Oct 20, 2:02am
...toning up and living it up... 0 Sat. Oct 20, 1:56am
Looking for other 50's women who want to be Fit and Fabulous! 1 Sat. Oct 20, 1:37am
how to teach kids about obesity 10 Fri. Oct 19, 11:54pm
Just 30min cardio is not enough 15 Fri. Oct 19, 7:14pm
how to get good medical care as a woman? 8 Fri. Oct 19, 7:12pm
Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng 3 Fri. Oct 19, 6:58pm
Peanut Butta 16 Fri. Oct 19, 1:45pm
OT ADHD Screening 6 Fri. Oct 19, 12:09pm
What do you do when you feel like a failure! 23 Thu. Oct 18, 11:33pm
Join In 0 Thu. Oct 18, 10:10pm
Abnormal cramping pains when running 6 Thu. Oct 18, 9:03pm
weight Watchers 37 Thu. Oct 18, 8:37pm
Dieters Prayer 2 Thu. Oct 18, 3:07pm
Intuitive eating 22 Thu. Oct 18, 2:12pm
Do your boobs decrease alot when you lose weight? 46 Thu. Oct 18, 2:07pm
I dont know how advertising works... 0 Thu. Oct 18, 1:47pm
be happy 0 Thu. Oct 18, 1:31pm
online weight loss support groups 10 Thu. Oct 18, 1:14pm
Not attracted to husband 21 Thu. Oct 18, 12:18pm
Raw Food Meal Plan 4 Thu. Oct 18, 12:05pm
Hives?? 5 Thu. Oct 18, 11:51am
benefits of coconut water 2 Thu. Oct 18, 11:34am
Come join us and enjoy a peaceful holiday! 12 Thu. Oct 18, 11:04am
until you walk in another's moccassins... 4 Thu. Oct 18, 10:33am
Hate my skinny friends 17 Thu. Oct 18, 8:45am
moth problem 2 Thu. Oct 18, 8:09am
Walking: Mileage or Time? 5 Wed. Oct 17, 11:44pm
Pillows For Side Sleepers 6 Wed. Oct 17, 11:42pm
Why do I look so old now that I lost weight????? 2 Wed. Oct 17, 11:37pm
help regarding vitamin intake? 1 Wed. Oct 17, 11:24pm
Short or Long Hair on Girls 51 Wed. Oct 17, 10:00pm
OT - anniversary 14 Wed. Oct 17, 9:03pm
Seeking Success Stories from formerly obese people 8 Wed. Oct 17, 7:14pm
hard not to eat a ton after working out 7 Wed. Oct 17, 6:16pm
"Excuse me, call the police because you just stole my heart" 4 Wed. Oct 17, 5:38pm
Can I lose weight and drink 1 8oz glass of white wine a night? 6 Wed. Oct 17, 4:05pm
The Cost of Weight Watchers 19 Wed. Oct 17, 4:00pm
how do you get out of a group 1 Wed. Oct 17, 3:55pm
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