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Roberta's Reflections: Musings of a Psychotherapist

A PEERtrainer Series on The Psychology of Weight Loss and Health

Two Essential Tools for Weight Loss: The Food Log and The Pedometer

By Roberta Temes, PhD

Do you have a pedometer? It really keeps you honest. You get tangible proof of how much you've walked or not walked. When I wear my pedometer, and I usually remember to put it on every morning, I walk more and I walk more quickly. I actually feel the power I get from pushing-off from the toes of my foot that's in the rear with each stride I take. The faster that rear leg is brought forward the faster I walk and the more steps my pedometer registers.

The other technique that promotes honesty, for me, is writing down whatever I eat. Somehow, I am less inclined to eat food I shouldn't when I know I'm going to put it in writing. Same with portions. It's embarrassing to write in my food log that I ate nine slices of cheese. So, I'll eat just one or two. It's amazing that I feel so compelled to be honest with my log. After all, no one is collecting it and no one but me is reading it. My challenge is to begin a fresh sheet of paper every morning and begin recording my food intake right away. On days when I don't start promptly I may skip the whole day which is not a good idea.

Ever wonder who goes to sleep hungry? Victims of war, victims of drought, third-world citizens, and over-fed, prosperous people who are attempting to lose weight. That latter group, though, does not have to be hungry. We can lose weight and never feel hungry by choosing food that fills us but is low in calories. Lots of veggies have no calories (zero!) and yet can be very filling.

How come we all don't look to vegetables when we need a comfort food? Do you think comfort food really is about the food or is it about the memory the food evokes? Do children whose moms use fresh peas and not M&Ms as a reward, grow up to crave peas when they're looking for an emotional fix? Let me know your opinion about this.

Overeating is a chronic habit. Habits can be changed. You can become aware of your food choices every day, all day long.

Roberta Temes Article Archive:

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    About the Author

    Roberta Temes, (pronounced Temmis), Ph.D. is Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, at Downstate Medical School, New York City. She had a private practice in New York City in psychotherapy, coaching, and medical hypnosis for 30 years, and has now relocated that practice to Westfield, NJ.

    Temes is the author of many self-help books and psychology books, as well as the first medical school textbook about hypnosis. She is also the author of the best-selling book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis. Her latest book is called, The Tapping Cure.

    Dr. Temes lectures around the country at corporate meetings, at medical conferences, and at health spas, too. She did a stint as a columnist for a country newspaper where she wrote about acquiring a country house and the trauma of adjusting to fresh air, quiet, and nature. For twenty years Temes wrote a monthly column for True Story magazine. Dr. Roberta, as her clients call her, is now in practice in NJ where she lives with her husband. Her 3 children are grown, with families of their own.

    "The research is mounting: hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off longer . . . This set Enjoying Weight Loss has a lot to offer: a warm, fun hypnotist offering sound dietary advice and a variety of trances for a range of issues, from choosing a food plan to avoiding temptation."

    -Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School

    January 2006 Thread Archive.

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Need other motivated senior men 0 Sun. Jan 8, 11:27am
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