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How Does This Work?

PEERtrainer Recipes is a new, free service that delivers you one key concept each day to your email inbox. Subjects covered include weight loss, nutrition, fitness, preventive health and motivation.

The service is designed to remind, review, motivate, inspire, share and inform. And unlike most diets or weight loss programs, this is a gradual step by step approach. We encourage people to start slow, but then give them the guidance over time to finish strong.

Most importantly, this is designed to be simple and easy to do each day. The idea is to engage you gradually but steadily.

What Am I Going To Learn?

It depends on the day, and we aim to cover a wide (and changing) range of subjects. We start with a real focus on expectation setting and helping you plan to succeed. We all know the basics of dropping a few pounds and most of us have been in the gym.

But few of us really master the wide variety of habits and skill sets needed to put our knowledge into action. This program focuses on learning how to do things, not just what to do.

Recent Subscriber Testimonial

"Just wanted to let you know that I am loving these emails. I am working some kinks out in my emotional eating (even though I am very healthy with my food choices, there are still some reactive emotional ties affecting my eating habits) and this has been the best newsletter/advice I have ever received. It gets to the truth and heart of what being healthy is all about. Although I am not using the online communities as much for lack of time, the emails and advice serve to remind me that, when I get off track, it is not the end of the world. Thanks so much. It really is a great newsletter."

Best wishes, Emily Lyons

"I find most all the tips helpful in one of two ways. Either the suggestion provides new information to work with or it confirms I'm doing something right. I appreciate both ...Thank you for your continued efforts!"


"I've been receiving these emails for about a month or more now, and I just want to tell you that I really like them. I'm a pretty "hard-core dieter". (ie, I've been on loads of diets over the decades, and have lost weight lots of times, and gained it back again lots of times). I feel sometimes like I know "all the tricks". However, I've learned some good points from your emails and articles and it's made a REAL DIFFERENCE in my ability to succeed longterm. So, I hope you'll keep these emails and articles up for a very long time. I am very appreciative.

At this point, I am working hard to maintain a weight loss of 35 lb, and need to lose an additional 25 lb. I am 48 years old, and a busy career woman in a demanding, professional career, and Mom to two active teenagers. Hard to juggle everything, but I won't give up.

Take care, and thanks for the wonderful service you provide!"

-Diana in New York

Who Provides The Information That I Will Bet Getting Each Day?

We cast a wide net, and do work with a cadre of experts in different areas, including psychotherapy, preventive medicine, occupational and physical therapy.

We also seek to identify what we believe to be some of the best approaches and products out there. Think of this as a "concierge service" where every day you are presented the best information, ideas and tools available. We bring all this together to help you lose weight and hopefully improve your overall health.

We also draw from our own experience running PEERtrainer over the years. Jackie Wicks, one of the founders of the company (and the person who invented PEERtrainer) writes and structures the information and messages.

The key value we provide is that this is really a daily support layer. Support is a critical element in losing weight, and something as simple as an email can make the difference in your efforts. This is a relatively new service but people love it so far. Over time you will literally get thousands of dollars of free advice.

"Jackie, Habib and the rest of the team at PEERtrainer have put together a very helpful daily email program that outlines a series of proven concepts in long term and healthy weight loss. I am excited to be guiding them in the area of nutritional excellence and in helping the members of the PEERtrainer family adopt these habits in a practical, easy to implement manner".

-Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply enter your email address in the form below. You can also enter in your first name and your goal. This helps us target your specific areas of interest and need.

You will get a confirmation email that you will need to click to confirm your subscription. Make sure to check your bulk folders if you don't get it right away.

Thank You, The PEERtrainer Team

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Some Kind Words From Happy Subscribers:

"I am a new subscriber to your coaching tips. And I must say....this is a great email service you provide. I even quoted one that you had sent to my Wednesday night Weight Watchers group. Your tips are helpful, concise and to the point. Also very relevant--sometimes I think you are writing to meet my specific need of that day!

I particularly loved the one about setting your goals weekly to a small goal. That truly resonated with me and is making a difference in my weight loss plan. Instead of focusing on the 30 pounds I have to lose, I am now focused on losing one pound a week. (If I lose more than a pound, woo hoo! I'm thrilled!) That was a great tip.

I am a lifetime member of WW but through laziness, bad food choices and serious Nutella addiction (I swear there's crack in that stuff!), I am having to lose 30 pounds again. I am doing well and I must say, your emails are great motivators. Thank you so much! You mean a lot to me during this struggle to face my "demons" and make my goal."