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Creating An Environment of Thin

Make Changes In Your Everyday Life That Make Good Habits Easier

There is an old saying "Change Your Space, Change Your Mind". It is impossible to have the same thoughts if you change your space. Your Chi will be changed if you change your space. Creating an environment of thin means wherever you are you make the changes to support your new habits. You need to make it easy to make changes and adopt new habits. Maybe you have a roommate who is always smoking, drinking, eating. What if you instead had a roommate that ran every day, got a good nights sleep. You need to avoid the trap of thinking that you are a victim of your environment, but you can make some changes.

Your current environment is not serving your future thin self. The cookies stored in the cupboard that are "just in case I need them" and the coffee cake in the freezer "for surprise company" is not going help on your road to weight loss and health. Get rid of it. Get rid of all of it. If your husband insists on having a bag of potato chips, tell him to hid them. Sure, it sounds silly, and one day maybe you'll have the willpower to pass them by but for right now, you need all the help you can get. Eliminate it all. If you can't throw it away, give it away. We don't care how you get rid of it, as long as you get rid of it. Make a new rule: only have foods that it will take at least 5 minutes to make (obviously, the exception are fruits and vegetables.) That extra 5 minutes will make you stop and think, "am I really hungry"? It's hard to mindlessly when you have to prepare it.

That might work at home, but how about when you're out of your house? Don't go to your favorite restaurant where you have to have your peice of cheescake to celebrate how well you're doing; don't hang out with your friends who will pressure you and make you feel bad about your diet because you're ruining all of their fun of stuffing their faces and crying in the mirror. Change your routes from work to home if it involves the routine stop at McDonalds. If a birthday party means cake and cookies, bring fruit, take an apple, and watch the other people look sheepishly at their plate and then saunter over to the fruit table. If your office insists on having donuts in the conference room, pick up that box of donuts, walk around the office and offer every single person in your office a donut until they are gone and all that is left is for you to throw away and empty box. If most of your colleagues refuse the sugar, mention to your HR department that while you appreciate the gesture, people just aren't fond of the donuts anymore. Offer a suggestion from your favorite place for next time. Create an environment of thin, everywhere you go, everywhere you walk, visit, play, no matter what. No exception.

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