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Perricone Anti-inflammation Diet

Dr Nicholas Perricone brings a unique and dissenting voice to the treatment of our skin, mind and body. The diet Dr. Perricone espouses has come under fire. His recommendations focus on the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Specifically, he advocates preventing quick increases in blood sugar by consuming only foods with a low glycemic index. This eliminates most breads and fruit juices, both of which are strongly recommended for consumption by mainstream diet organizations such as the USDA, which makes grains (including bread and cereal) the base of their food pyramid. Perricone's diet is similar to those touted by books such as The Glucose Revolution, and mainstream diets recommended for diabetics.

The Basic Idea Behind The Perricone Diet:

Inflammation is at the basis of age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto immune disease, and wrinkled, sagging skin. The wrong foods, such as sugar, processed foods, pasta, breads, pastry and baked goods, can increase levels of the pro-inflammatory peptides.

According to Dr. Perricone, sugar is the number one enemy. It causes inflammation that destroys our bodies and attaches to collagen, which results in stiff, inflexible, sagging skin. Controlling our blood sugar level and insulin levels will improve our health and give us beautiful, youthful skin.

The anti-inflammatory diet consists of high quality protein, like that found in fish, colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, and adequate amounts of good fat, like that found in salmon, flax, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Our skin is a perfect reflection of our internal health and when our skin visibly improves from this anti-inflammatory lifestyle, we automatically reduce our risk of age-related disease and body weight normalizes.

Eating hot peppers can relieve various types of headaches, such as cluster headaches, migraines and sinus headaches. Essential fatty acids are necessary for elevated mood, beautiful skin, healthy immune system, increased mental clarity and normalizing weight (you need to eat fat to burn fat).

Coffee (and it's not the caffeine) can result in elevated levels of cortisol and insulin, leading to weight gain. Remember, elevated insulin puts a lock on body fat. If you substitute green tea for coffee, and do nothing else differently, you will lose 10 pounds in six weeks. We must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to maintain health and beautiful skin, as all biochemical reactions in the body take place in the presence of water.

Nicholas Perricone is a dermatologist who has written several books, primarily on the subjects of weightloss and maintaining the appearance of youth. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and he has appeared in a few special programs on PBS. He also sells his own line of skincare products.

Dr. Perricone presents himself as a radical in the dermatological community, repeatedly encouraging his audience to challenge the status quo. He compares his work relating diet to skincare with Ignaz Semmelweis's work on handwashing and the spread of disease in the 1800s. Most dermatologists simply perscribe drugs, rather than work to get to the root cause of your problem. His views are mostly aligned with Dr Joel Fuhrman, author of "Eat to Live." Dr. Fuhrman views proper diet as critical to both preventing and reversing many diseases. Interestingly both doctors have come under fire from the medical and pharma establishement.

Over the years, the views that Perricone has outlined have become mainstream. They also have dovetailed with the views expressed by advocates of low carb diets. Books

Dr. Perricone has written five books. These all take a similar "three-tiered" approach to different skin problems. The three tiers are diet, supplements, and topicals. The books share some general recommendations, but each contains unique material.

The Wrinkle Cure
Dr. Perricone's first book, The Wrinkle Cure, published in 2001, suggests a diet and products that can allegedly slow, or even reverse, the visible aging process. Some of his most notable recommendations are a diet high in salmon (primarily for its omega-3 fatty acids), supplementation of alpha lipoic acid, and topical application of vitamin C ester and DMAE.

The Perricone Prescription
Published in 2002, The Perricone Prescription, recommends a "rejuvenating" program of diet, exercise, and skincare that is intended to not only improve one's appearance, but also to increase energy and reduce the risk of several major health problems, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Many of the recommendations, such as a diet high in fish, are repeated from The Wrinkle Cure. The book became a #1 New York Times bestseller.

The Acne Prescription
Published in 2003, The Acne Prescription is a follow-up to The Perricone Prescription targeted at those who are suffering from acne, especially (though not exclusively) those who have older, drier skin that does not respond well to treatments intended for oily adolescent skin. The book is particularly notable for attacking the widely held opinion in the dermatological community that there is, with few exceptions, no correlation between diet and acne. (High intake of iodine is an acknowledged exception.) Dr. Perricone claims that foods do have anti-inflammatory (and therefore anti-acne) and pro-inflammatory effects; which foods fall into which category is somewhat counterintuitive. For example, apples are in the anti-inflammatory food list, while bananas are considered pro-inflammatory. This book's paperback version was released under the title "Clear Skin Prescription" in 2004.

The Perricone Promise
Published in 2004, The Perricone Promise offers a new theory of aging circulating around neuropeptides, and focuses on an extensive diet intended to regulate them. He claims that the diet can be helpful in simultaneously losing weight and smoothing wrinkles, as well as improving one's mood and decelerating aging. New topical recommendations are also included, the primary one being a neuropeptide-based serum exclusively sold by Perricone's company that currently costs $570 per bottle (a 3-month supply), far more than any of Perricone's other products.

The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet
Published in 2005, The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet describes how a variation of the face-lift diet introduced in previous books can also be helpful in losing weight without losing body tone. New supplement regimens are introduced along with an updated version of the salmon-rich Perricone diet, as well as several new recipes.

Product line
Dr. Perricone's company, N.V. Perricone, M.D. Ltd., sells somewhat high-cost topicals, as well as some dietary supplements. For example, the least expensive moisturizer currently sold by the company costs $50 for a 2 oz. tub. However, Dr. Perricone's customers claim that this cost is justified due to the concentrations of active ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C ester, and DMAE, all of which are strongly recommended by Dr. Perricone in his books. These products are sold at a select few cosmetics stores, most notably Sephora.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Perricone's company grossed $11.9 million in 2001 and $42.4 million in 2002.

Dr. Perricone's critics accuse him of making crazy promises in order to sell product. His claims, it is argued are backed by very little scientific research, and any research he has done himself has never been published in medical journals, where it would be subject to scrupulous review.

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how many of us grow our own food? 12 Thu. Sep 6, 3:45pm
OT- dating a sexual abuse survivor 10 Thu. Sep 6, 2:44pm
Buying new clothes 3 Thu. Sep 6, 2:41pm
Mama Gena's Sister Goddess Group 3 Thu. Sep 6, 12:35pm
Do you trust food labels? 7 Thu. Sep 6, 11:36am
After high school 11 Thu. Sep 6, 11:16am
Food additives may cause hyperactivity 1 Thu. Sep 6, 10:52am
OT Books that inspire you 4 Thu. Sep 6, 8:58am
Increase in sex drive 0 Thu. Sep 6, 8:43am
Anyone found a great bra? 12 Thu. Sep 6, 8:31am
Daily logs 13 Wed. Sep 5, 11:28pm
does flaxseed increase sex drive? 3 Wed. Sep 5, 9:32pm
Pesi max/diet coke or squash 3 Wed. Sep 5, 9:24pm
Those Who Need to Lose 50+ Pounds 2 Wed. Sep 5, 9:22pm
OT-children from previous marraige 13 Wed. Sep 5, 9:06pm
Exercise NOT making you feel better? 5 Wed. Sep 5, 7:26pm
I Am So Moody AND Mean Sometimes!!! 4 Wed. Sep 5, 4:15pm
chemicals in microwave popcorn 4 Wed. Sep 5, 4:05pm
OT how much TV do you watch per day? 5 Wed. Sep 5, 2:51pm
when do people notice weight loss 30 Wed. Sep 5, 1:21pm
where are you from? 27 Wed. Sep 5, 1:17pm
Turbo Jam coupon 21 Wed. Sep 5, 11:18am
At home yoga tapes 19 Wed. Sep 5, 10:37am
OT: Cruise with a 1 year old? 3 Wed. Sep 5, 10:30am
For those of you who ARE losing weight - how many calories are you eating? 14 Wed. Sep 5, 9:54am
1600 calorie meal plan 2 Wed. Sep 5, 8:05am
What to do about scale discrepancy? 5 Wed. Sep 5, 6:59am
Martial arts group/team? 5 Wed. Sep 5, 6:35am
red faced during exercise . . . 24 Wed. Sep 5, 2:02am
Pedometer Graph 1 Wed. Sep 5, 12:58am
90-Day Challenge - Starts September 1st. 13 Wed. Sep 5, 12:57am
How much does water weight fluctuate? 7 Tue. Sep 4, 10:29pm
The Four Day Win 5 Tue. Sep 4, 8:57pm
Need computer savvy people. 6 Tue. Sep 4, 8:52pm
OT: goth people- why do they do it? 51 Tue. Sep 4, 7:52pm
New group: Ready for a Change 1 Tue. Sep 4, 6:08pm
Fat thighs 3 Tue. Sep 4, 4:55pm
Lose weight before your wedding day 3 Tue. Sep 4, 4:39pm
For parents of grade school age girls 11 Tue. Sep 4, 3:04pm
Lap band 4 Tue. Sep 4, 12:50pm
How much do you pay for a gym membership? 23 Tue. Sep 4, 12:43pm
Question? 4 Tue. Sep 4, 12:24pm
Daily loggers Please join 0 Tue. Sep 4, 11:13am
Join Now!!! 0 Tue. Sep 4, 8:55am
Need help losing water weight via detox 1 Tue. Sep 4, 2:05am
Coffee & Sodium? 7 Mon. Sep 3, 11:34pm
Quickie, daily ab workout? 19 Mon. Sep 3, 11:47am
prenatal vitamins 14 Mon. Sep 3, 10:26am
Exercising in the afternoon is the best time for optimal results 22 Mon. Sep 3, 9:14am
Cardio exercises??? 2 Mon. Sep 3, 8:20am
Not losing weight--coudl I be eating too few calories? 7 Mon. Sep 3, 7:48am
near goal and nervous 4 Mon. Sep 3, 12:27am
Pedometer- HOW MANY STEPS IN A MILE???? 15 Sun. Sep 2, 9:16pm
depressed, unhappy most of the time 8 Sun. Sep 2, 3:43pm
How many calories a day? 20 Sun. Sep 2, 3:40pm, "international food" help? 1 Sun. Sep 2, 1:54pm
In need of a diet pal? 0 Sun. Sep 2, 12:58pm
calves sore after workout 2 Sun. Sep 2, 10:02am
Rebounder 3 Sun. Sep 2, 8:14am
OT - I don't think I "go" enough - may be offensive 6 Sat. Sep 1, 9:11pm
Help, please! 5 Sat. Sep 1, 1:51pm
Calling other bust mums/moms 0 Sat. Sep 1, 7:26am
Going from a size 16 to a size 10. 4 Fri. Aug 31, 9:48pm
How many workouts per week? 19 Fri. Aug 31, 9:36pm
Extreme Fatigue 19 Fri. Aug 31, 4:37pm
Friday before Labor Day 0 Fri. Aug 31, 3:46pm
HUMOR (love this doctor!) 9 Fri. Aug 31, 3:32pm
losing weight makes people around you mad? 8 Fri. Aug 31, 2:41pm
gaining weight but losing inches 3 Fri. Aug 31, 12:26pm
Cleansing foods 3 Fri. Aug 31, 12:15pm
Meetup in Chicago? 0 Fri. Aug 31, 12:04pm
I just CANNOT lose weight! 26 Fri. Aug 31, 7:54am
It's not the critic who counts.... 3 Thu. Aug 30, 11:27pm
OT- are there any supplements to help mental focus? 8 Thu. Aug 30, 9:47pm
Stupid, pointless habit 16 Thu. Aug 30, 8:48pm
Lipo zap? 12 Thu. Aug 30, 8:47pm
getting a doctor to listen to you? 11 Thu. Aug 30, 7:44pm
SUGAR BINGE 10 Thu. Aug 30, 6:05pm
is this a vacation week or something? 5 Thu. Aug 30, 6:04pm
Dinner Dilemma 9 Thu. Aug 30, 6:03pm
anyone try the Bender Ball??? 7 Thu. Aug 30, 4:18pm
Is peanut butter bad to eat? 20 Thu. Aug 30, 3:11pm
Chicken Ceaser Wraps 3 Thu. Aug 30, 2:18pm
Self Tanner suggestions....... 30 Thu. Aug 30, 11:19am
best meds 6 Thu. Aug 30, 11:09am
I don't like the taste of water. 48 Thu. Aug 30, 10:07am
Does anyone take Armour Thyroid Medication? 20 Thu. Aug 30, 2:18am
Please Join!!!! 0 Wed. Aug 29, 6:54pm
Serious Team looking to Seriously lose 54 Wed. Aug 29, 6:51pm
good sneakers for overpronators? 5 Wed. Aug 29, 6:49pm
What causes foot cramps after using an elliptical machine? 1 Wed. Aug 29, 5:33pm
Where do you get your nutrition advice from? 5 Wed. Aug 29, 4:50pm
Anyone from the UK? Help? 13 Wed. Aug 29, 4:11pm
OT - Anyone here Greek? 3 Wed. Aug 29, 3:34pm
help! 9 Wed. Aug 29, 2:54pm
Calories Needed 12 Wed. Aug 29, 2:45pm
Fasting for a month- how to cope with it? 7 Wed. Aug 29, 1:43pm
I am 25 and I can not lose the weight 4 Wed. Aug 29, 1:38pm
vitamins that don't make my pee turn bright yellow? 7 Wed. Aug 29, 12:11pm
I am officially overweight according to dr. koop 50 Wed. Aug 29, 12:08pm
What motivates you? 10 Wed. Aug 29, 12:04pm
how many calories should you burn at the gym? 2 Wed. Aug 29, 11:14am
what is Elliptical? 1 Wed. Aug 29, 10:31am
peertrainer dinner, NYC, September 30 5 Wed. Aug 29, 6:12am
c'mon you know you're out there! 0 Wed. Aug 29, 12:22am
fasting Diet 2 Wed. Aug 29, 12:19am
Weight Watchers points and fibre powder 3 Tue. Aug 28, 11:36pm
Skinny people don't do this 20 Tue. Aug 28, 8:48pm
Apple-Shaped Gals, Where Do You Buy Pants 1 Tue. Aug 28, 8:14pm
does the elliptical make your thighs bigger? 6 Tue. Aug 28, 7:47pm
Calorie "Cylcing"? 5 Tue. Aug 28, 6:11pm
elliptical vs running? 11 Tue. Aug 28, 5:38pm
WEIGHT LOSS "TICKER" 2 Tue. Aug 28, 4:57pm
Do people know you're trying to lose weight? 22 Tue. Aug 28, 1:43pm
for Men- protein 1 Tue. Aug 28, 12:27pm
Locals Lets get together 0 Tue. Aug 28, 11:09am
Anti-Depressants and weight gain 7 Tue. Aug 28, 8:47am
Dairy *Causes* bone breaks not prevents them 15 Tue. Aug 28, 7:37am
timing with drinking of water 4 Mon. Aug 27, 9:51pm
Eat anything and your appearance still remaines the same? 3 Mon. Aug 27, 9:33pm
To the guys 12 Mon. Aug 27, 9:28pm
If you cut out Bread and Dairy, you WILL lose weight 31 Mon. Aug 27, 8:59pm
Ideal weight? 5 Mon. Aug 27, 7:02pm
Fuze Slenderize 1 Mon. Aug 27, 6:05pm
Dog Fighting vs Deer Hunting 36 Mon. Aug 27, 4:33pm
How much salt should I consume when on a diet? 6 Mon. Aug 27, 3:03pm
Amount of Calories Per Day 2 Mon. Aug 27, 2:10pm
Sunday Brunch Dillemma! 6 Mon. Aug 27, 1:14pm
Is it better to stay at home with kids 7 Mon. Aug 27, 10:56am
Hello to all Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans folks 12 Mon. Aug 27, 9:35am
join. 0 Sun. Aug 26, 11:03pm
can undereating leave you excessively cold 14 Sun. Aug 26, 9:35pm
supplements you cant live without 9 Sun. Aug 26, 9:31pm
Members - Wanted 0 Sun. Aug 26, 8:57pm
how do i post those ticker counters in my info?? 2 Sun. Aug 26, 6:44pm
Slipped disk? 6 Sun. Aug 26, 5:48pm
Weight control multivitamin and liver damage 10 Sun. Aug 26, 3:09pm
Eat to Live? 4 Sun. Aug 26, 2:46pm
What are the benefits of flaxseed? 5 Sun. Aug 26, 2:41pm
Embarassing sweating 6 Sun. Aug 26, 12:47pm
Dare to Be 0 Sun. Aug 26, 5:12am
Newly formed group. 0 Sat. Aug 25, 9:47pm
Do you think Vick deserves jail time over Dog Fighting? 14 Sat. Aug 25, 9:22pm
Any good lunch ideas? 22 Sat. Aug 25, 4:44pm
Looking for good multivitamin 17 Sat. Aug 25, 3:29pm
Barley Grass, Barley Grass Juice? 0 Sat. Aug 25, 3:20pm
Is there something wrong? do I eat too much protien 1 Sat. Aug 25, 2:08pm
Feeling low :[ 8 Sat. Aug 25, 8:35am
Weight Watchers Points 7 Fri. Aug 24, 11:36pm
met a legitimate trainer for advice 23 Fri. Aug 24, 5:53pm
can stopping exercise cause muscle pain?! i can't sleep!! 4 Fri. Aug 24, 1:41pm
Ovarian Pain 8 Fri. Aug 24, 12:40pm
Other Young/Student Vegetarians? 0 Fri. Aug 24, 12:27pm
Don't seem to be losing weight 18 Fri. Aug 24, 9:43am
Cod liver oil benefits? 0 Fri. Aug 24, 5:57am
how to get clearer healthy looking skin 27 Thu. Aug 23, 9:00pm
alcohol- is it anti inflammatory? 0 Thu. Aug 23, 7:10pm
Technical issue: Can i upload a table in the goal section of my log? 2 Thu. Aug 23, 6:19pm
anti-inflammation diet 16 Thu. Aug 23, 5:38pm
vegetable soup recipe 3 Thu. Aug 23, 5:09pm
Sore nipples 20 Thu. Aug 23, 4:57pm
"Easy" Excersises? 7 Thu. Aug 23, 4:51pm
OT - Need a nice dress in a plus size 15 Thu. Aug 23, 4:46pm
Building Arm Muscle Using Own Bodyweight? 16 Thu. Aug 23, 4:40pm
losing weight and giving blood 24 Thu. Aug 23, 2:45pm
Side effects of blood pressure medications? 10 Thu. Aug 23, 12:37pm
my stomach hurts after running 3 Thu. Aug 23, 11:53am
Does Green Tea really help you lose weight? 9 Thu. Aug 23, 11:47am
how long does it take to quit caffeine? 5 Thu. Aug 23, 11:09am
How much protein do you take in? 4 Thu. Aug 23, 10:51am
How to get rid of fat inner thighs? 15 Thu. Aug 23, 10:45am
Name all the medications you've stopped taking since losing weight. 13 Thu. Aug 23, 10:12am
Prozac and weight loss 3 Thu. Aug 23, 9:57am
MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) Shoes 2 Thu. Aug 23, 9:57am
If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? 35 Thu. Aug 23, 9:36am
Measuring. 3 Thu. Aug 23, 8:50am
leg cramps 10 Thu. Aug 23, 8:24am
Positive self talk/positive visualization 2 Thu. Aug 23, 2:19am
BMI, Body Fat, Waist size, or body weight which one? 4 Wed. Aug 22, 11:45pm
best exercise to lose weight around bum and thighs... 6 Wed. Aug 22, 11:03pm
feeling hungry constantly 11 Wed. Aug 22, 10:58pm
B12 deficiency 1 Wed. Aug 22, 10:55pm
getting rid of belly fat 29 Wed. Aug 22, 10:32pm
OT - Mold/mildew prevention and removal 3 Wed. Aug 22, 9:25pm
spinning classes 14 Wed. Aug 22, 7:47pm
Chimney Rock Iowa ...Canoe Rental. Upper Iowa 7 Wed. Aug 22, 7:12pm
Will I still burn calories doing the same exercise every day? 9 Wed. Aug 22, 5:33pm
alternative places to wear a pedometer? 2 Wed. Aug 22, 4:04pm
6 Fitness Myths expelled . . . 2 Wed. Aug 22, 2:03pm
Eating Nuts Everyday to lose Weight, Cumin Roasted Almonds Recipe 0 Wed. Aug 22, 12:51pm
Survey- Positive Self Talk! 8 Wed. Aug 22, 12:50pm
Not just to lose weight, but to change your life. 0 Wed. Aug 22, 12:25pm
What fish doesn't taste fishy? 24 Wed. Aug 22, 12:22pm
THE BEST snack? 10 Wed. Aug 22, 12:18pm
Besides not losing weight, how do you know if you're plateaued? 6 Wed. Aug 22, 12:15pm
lose weight togethor 0 Wed. Aug 22, 12:03pm
Embarassed PT logger needs help with an uncomfortable situation... 11 Wed. Aug 22, 11:57am
i'm very short, how to lose weight? 5 Wed. Aug 22, 11:55am
Confession 5 Wed. Aug 22, 11:50am
Deep fries oreos???? 18 Wed. Aug 22, 11:46am
Symbols of American Mediocrity 36 Wed. Aug 22, 11:04am
Help! I have no will power 5 Wed. Aug 22, 10:49am
best protein bar or protein shake??? 7 Wed. Aug 22, 10:48am
Abortion is now illegal in the 2nd trimester. WTF? 300 Wed. Aug 22, 9:48am
help for my gay friend :\ 22 Wed. Aug 22, 9:19am
Best way to lose weight? 2 Wed. Aug 22, 8:53am
Swingers 68 Wed. Aug 22, 8:52am
Body Balance V Yoga 0 Wed. Aug 22, 5:53am
Someone who is a size 4 or 6 10 Tue. Aug 21, 11:37pm
how to cut body fat 7 Tue. Aug 21, 10:29pm
What waist size is a "size 4"? 24 Tue. Aug 21, 4:18pm
screw political correctness. i'll say if i think you are i am fat 44 Tue. Aug 21, 3:54pm
Hip Hop Abs vs Turbo Jam 9 Tue. Aug 21, 3:51pm
Only need to lose about 10 pounds but can't seem to do it? 1 Tue. Aug 21, 2:40pm
picking up women at the gym 27 Tue. Aug 21, 2:06pm
What is the best skin moisturizer? 22 Tue. Aug 21, 12:31pm
yoga benefits 3 Tue. Aug 21, 12:17pm
Heart Rate Monitors 7 Tue. Aug 21, 12:10pm
weight loss and breast/shoe size 23 Tue. Aug 21, 11:19am
Dr. Ian Smith's 50 Million Pound Challenge 3 Tue. Aug 21, 10:49am
nutrisystem scrambled egg mix with cheese - who eats this crap? 10 Tue. Aug 21, 7:36am
Do your boobs decrease alot when you lose weight? 34 Tue. Aug 21, 7:22am
Motivated for BIG LOSS 0 Tue. Aug 21, 2:46am
Sleeping Burns 65 calories an hour! 4 Tue. Aug 21, 2:08am
to quinoa or not to quinoa... 5 Tue. Aug 21, 1:38am
Method cleaning products 2 Tue. Aug 21, 12:28am
New Team 0 Tue. Aug 21, 12:05am
When to give children antibiotics? 2 Mon. Aug 20, 10:47am
Fat free and "Light" chips made with Olestra 2 Mon. Aug 20, 10:45am
Cheaper to be fat 35 Mon. Aug 20, 10:38am
Hot Yoga 50 Mon. Aug 20, 9:22am
screw political correctness. i'll say if i think you are i am fat 43 Mon. Aug 20, 9:08am
THE BEST snack? 7 Mon. Aug 20, 8:40am
Slipped disk? 4 Mon. Aug 20, 8:37am
where are you from? 21 Mon. Aug 20, 7:01am
"What Black Men Think" 4 Mon. Aug 20, 4:57am
Sexless Marriage 123 Mon. Aug 20, 2:35am
Swingers 54 Mon. Aug 20, 1:47am
Anyone the same as me?? 1 Sun. Aug 19, 8:52pm
Birth Control Weight Gain 119 Sun. Aug 19, 8:48pm
LA Weightloss secrets! 20 Sun. Aug 19, 8:32pm
a thread to share something you have accomplished. a dress size, a pound ,whatever you want to share 90 Sun. Aug 19, 7:51pm
..Helping an alcoholic recover.. 4 Sun. Aug 19, 7:50pm
Favorite healthy luches under 300 cals 12 Sun. Aug 19, 7:34pm
Appetite suppressants 16 Sun. Aug 19, 7:26pm
What are the best fat burning exercises??? 4 Sun. Aug 19, 7:15pm
is drinking too much water bad for you? 22 Sun. Aug 19, 7:09pm
Good multi-vitamin for my age? 0 Sun. Aug 19, 6:54pm
Recomendations for a good multi vitamin please 4 Sun. Aug 19, 3:15pm
Ready to kick some ass and show what your made of? 0 Sun. Aug 19, 1:54pm
Don't seem to be losing weight 13 Sun. Aug 19, 1:00pm
Need to increase sex drive 19 Sun. Aug 19, 10:45am
"obesity is contagious" 22 Sat. Aug 18, 11:34pm
share your clever inspirational slogans 55 Sat. Aug 18, 9:39pm
OT Help getting a gift to a cousin who is going away to Med school 4 Sat. Aug 18, 9:33pm
Article: one's weight is "socially contagious" 2 Sat. Aug 18, 9:20pm
Need a quick answer! Tanning (salon) 8 Sat. Aug 18, 8:27pm
Downs support group? 16 Sat. Aug 18, 4:07pm
My childs weight and Depression 42 Sat. Aug 18, 3:53pm
incontinence? 6 Sat. Aug 18, 3:18pm
Fat Free Ice Cream 17 Sat. Aug 18, 2:28pm
unexpected gift 16 Sat. Aug 18, 9:39am
Short or Long Hair on Girls 34 Sat. Aug 18, 1:51am
There is cheese on everything I eat. 13 Sat. Aug 18, 12:53am
Ozzie here looking to chat to others if interested! 39 Fri. Aug 17, 11:08pm
Need members who log and workout daily! 0 Fri. Aug 17, 10:42pm
There are 15 grams of protein in one cup of chickpeas. 8 Fri. Aug 17, 8:36pm
Walking 8 Fri. Aug 17, 6:13pm
Want to be a Size 0? 47 Fri. Aug 17, 6:08pm
Can taking too many nutritional supplements be bad for you? 2 Fri. Aug 17, 3:32pm
Soy - Good or Bad? 13 Fri. Aug 17, 3:05pm
Cayenne Pepper 3 Fri. Aug 17, 2:35pm
You know what is insane?! . . . 2 Fri. Aug 17, 2:21pm
I cheated 13 Fri. Aug 17, 1:42pm
wt loss and time frame 27 Fri. Aug 17, 1:38pm
OT Anyone ever go to Starved Rock State Park in IL?? 0 Fri. Aug 17, 12:37pm
Celebrity Chef 6 Fri. Aug 17, 12:34pm
Occasional Smoker 3 Fri. Aug 17, 12:11pm
If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? 20 Fri. Aug 17, 10:52am
Does anyone take Armour Thyroid Medication? 18 Fri. Aug 17, 10:08am
Anyone else constantly hungry? 20 Fri. Aug 17, 9:44am
Abortion is now illegal in the 2nd trimester. WTF? 298 Fri. Aug 17, 7:26am
exercising at night 9 Fri. Aug 17, 4:21am
40+ new group - please join! 1 Fri. Aug 17, 4:07am
christmas shock group 4 Fri. Aug 17, 4:02am
Fat Smash Diet Shopping List - HELP!! 9 Fri. Aug 17, 3:24am
Have you lost weight and kept it off for a year? 3 Fri. Aug 17, 3:09am
A man who lost 50 pounds in a month. 10 Fri. Aug 17, 1:54am
Busy moms are getting in shape! 0 Thu. Aug 16, 11:28pm
Is anyone on the FAT SMASH DIET, BY DR IAN SMITH 88 Thu. Aug 16, 8:44pm
Alli 7 Thu. Aug 16, 8:31pm
Re: BP & Cholesterol Meds 2 Thu. Aug 16, 7:24pm
My boyfriend doesn't want me to lose any more weight. 26 Thu. Aug 16, 6:41pm
Please give me ideas for bag lunches 13 Thu. Aug 16, 5:16pm
Skinny yet healthy 1 Thu. Aug 16, 3:44pm
dont you hate it when 4 Thu. Aug 16, 1:53pm
Bald men 42 Thu. Aug 16, 1:46pm
Are you using Alli in your weight loss plan? 2 Thu. Aug 16, 11:48am
Embarassed PT logger needs help with an uncomfortable situation... 8 Thu. Aug 16, 11:31am
what is your "hair-do" -- down there??? 47 Thu. Aug 16, 11:29am
phenomenal workout music 30 Thu. Aug 16, 11:25am
Low-calorie Desserts 8 Thu. Aug 16, 9:47am
Would you like to join? 0 Thu. Aug 16, 9:32am
How often do you cook and what do you make? 14 Thu. Aug 16, 7:25am
Popcorn - Low Cal, But High Fat? Good or Bad Treat? 23 Thu. Aug 16, 3:41am
Hello to all Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans folks 7 Wed. Aug 15, 10:36pm
hope 0 Wed. Aug 15, 9:34pm
Why do men think they can say these things to us? 23 Wed. Aug 15, 9:29pm
Are you wondering what to do with your life? 2 Wed. Aug 15, 9:17pm
Parents of children with emotional disabilities 13 Wed. Aug 15, 8:05pm
Fat March chat 12 Wed. Aug 15, 7:33pm
New 'Monday Weigh-in' team 1 Wed. Aug 15, 6:28pm
BIG Wealth, Wellness & Weight-Loss seminar coming to Vancouver... 2 Wed. Aug 15, 6:15pm
favorite Simpsons quotes 16 Wed. Aug 15, 2:34pm
Are you looking for love after? 7 Wed. Aug 15, 12:07pm
"How the Rich Get Thin" 7 Wed. Aug 15, 8:05am
alcoholic 11 Tue. Aug 14, 11:53pm
why do lunges and squats hurt my knees? 14 Tue. Aug 14, 9:45pm
Hip Hop Abs vs Turbo Jam 8 Tue. Aug 14, 9:36pm
Poll: What's your favorite ODD food? 106 Tue. Aug 14, 8:45pm
Tasty ways to prepare vegetables 10 Tue. Aug 14, 6:34pm
anybody still around that knows me? :-) 5 Tue. Aug 14, 2:50pm
Anyone heard of this? 9 Tue. Aug 14, 1:43pm
mexican food 15 Tue. Aug 14, 1:31pm
ladies- whats 1 thing that catches ur attn? 78 Tue. Aug 14, 11:48am
Looking for one more daily logger!! 0 Tue. Aug 14, 10:43am
Turbulence Training for Fat Loss: not spam 0 Tue. Aug 14, 9:30am
Bill57 0 Tue. Aug 14, 9:27am
extreme fat smasher Q 0 Tue. Aug 14, 9:22am
any alli users? 12 Tue. Aug 14, 8:31am
Kicked out of my group 7 Tue. Aug 14, 3:29am
Alcohol trick 22 Tue. Aug 14, 1:27am
running and sore obliques 6 Tue. Aug 14, 12:50am
How can I help someone with that clutter disease? 19 Mon. Aug 13, 11:47pm
OT: How old were you when you lost your virginity? 89 Mon. Aug 13, 10:35pm
Fun dance/pilates for beginners? 0 Mon. Aug 13, 8:15pm
Motivated for BIG Loss needs another member 0 Mon. Aug 13, 5:08pm
G.E.R.D. help 1 Mon. Aug 13, 5:08pm
High Heart Rate 15 Mon. Aug 13, 4:13pm
What is the diet/exercise tip(s) you swear by?? 17 Mon. Aug 13, 4:10pm
Make the Second Half of your Life the best Half... 0 Mon. Aug 13, 2:32pm
To those who have lost a lot of weight... 3 Mon. Aug 13, 2:25pm
Can you weigh yourself too often? 4 Mon. Aug 13, 2:17pm
New and disgusted with myself . . . help 20 Mon. Aug 13, 12:37pm
Best Breakfast 53 Mon. Aug 13, 11:59am
fat smasher Q 1 Mon. Aug 13, 11:57am
Oxycise? 2 Mon. Aug 13, 11:38am
Weight/Height/Size 365 Mon. Aug 13, 11:38am
OT? 2 Mon. Aug 13, 7:59am
Older losers 6 Sun. Aug 12, 9:46pm
Are you in too deep? 1 Sun. Aug 12, 8:57pm
Diastasis Recti 27 Sun. Aug 12, 5:12pm
Shape Mag - $1.79 for 3-year subscription on ebay 9 Sun. Aug 12, 3:44pm
Metabolism 2 Sun. Aug 12, 1:09pm
whats ur promise to yourself? 20 Sun. Aug 12, 9:52am
Help..? 18 Sun. Aug 12, 9:45am
We've tried our way, now let's try His. 95 Sun. Aug 12, 9:37am
Join us! 0 Sun. Aug 12, 8:23am
Oprah's diet 3 Sun. Aug 12, 7:05am
40 something and want more out of life? 1 Sun. Aug 12, 6:59am
"cutting yourself" 63 Sun. Aug 12, 6:56am
For the record 4 Sun. Aug 12, 5:54am
Calorie free dressing??? 7 Sat. Aug 11, 11:40pm
Picky eater, veggie hater 10 Sat. Aug 11, 10:11pm
12 week team challenge 1 Sat. Aug 11, 8:19pm
Looking for a Granola Recipe 3 Sat. Aug 11, 2:28pm
Something New question 8 Sat. Aug 11, 11:42am
Flaxseed 10 Sat. Aug 11, 10:23am
SUNBURNED! and Yearbook pictures...HELP! 10 Sat. Aug 11, 12:30am
How to get rid of fat inner thighs? 14 Sat. Aug 11, 12:09am
WARNING about WARNINGS 20 Fri. Aug 10, 11:56pm
Lets help eachother through this 1 Fri. Aug 10, 10:57pm
How do we get the jesus freaks off pt? 48 Fri. Aug 10, 9:15pm
WHY DID PT KICK ME OTUT? 15 Fri. Aug 10, 6:07pm
Swollen hands 15 Fri. Aug 10, 3:02pm
Weight watchers close to goal 0 Fri. Aug 10, 2:52pm
OT: Wire or no wire 14 Fri. Aug 10, 1:52pm
Going on Vacation! 1 Fri. Aug 10, 10:54am
heart rate monitors 12 Thu. Aug 9, 11:16pm
Do people treat you differently now that you are skinnier? 29 Thu. Aug 9, 9:41pm
Moisturizer 2 Thu. Aug 9, 9:32pm
Mother and daughter team 1 Thu. Aug 9, 5:22pm
Once you've lost weight... 19 Thu. Aug 9, 4:55pm
what is your hr range when you do cardio? 4 Thu. Aug 9, 4:52pm
What body parts drive you crazy 22 Thu. Aug 9, 4:13pm
La Shean Team Leader 0 Thu. Aug 9, 3:53pm
Fat, horrid, horrid and fat??? 3 Thu. Aug 9, 3:42pm
Blotchy Red Face During Cardio? 2 Thu. Aug 9, 1:07pm
help, i don't want to go off track!! need nutritional advice for a dinner!! 5 Thu. Aug 9, 12:20pm
Advice from Homebuyers 17 Thu. Aug 9, 10:38am
What drives you crazy when you're trying to lose weight? 8 Thu. Aug 9, 10:30am
Intuitive eating 15 Thu. Aug 9, 7:17am
motivation 7 Wed. Aug 8, 11:31pm
feeling guilty... 2 Wed. Aug 8, 11:24pm
fat loss in my middle 6 Wed. Aug 8, 10:40pm
Pedometer- HOW MANY STEPS IN A MILE???? 14 Wed. Aug 8, 4:37pm
What do you do with your old ("fat") clothes? 28 Wed. Aug 8, 4:17pm
Best place to buy Turbo jam and which ones?! 0 Wed. Aug 8, 3:54pm
Getting Healthy and off medications 0 Wed. Aug 8, 3:51pm
For us Short Girls out there! 0 Wed. Aug 8, 3:43pm
duke diet 0 Wed. Aug 8, 1:32pm
Has anyone given up all refined sugar and flour? 5 Wed. Aug 8, 12:37pm
sugar free, calorie free 8 Wed. Aug 8, 11:02am
Butter or Margarine 24 Wed. Aug 8, 10:04am
Best Place to Grocery Shop? 6 Wed. Aug 8, 8:43am
Who wants to LOSE??? 0 Wed. Aug 8, 12:40am
Who wants to LOSE??? 0 Wed. Aug 8, 12:40am
Who wants to LOSE??? 0 Wed. Aug 8, 12:40am
Who wants to LOSE??? 0 Wed. Aug 8, 12:40am
Who wants to LOSE??? 0 Wed. Aug 8, 12:40am
Who wants to LOSE??? 0 Wed. Aug 8, 12:40am
did you find out that.... 9 Wed. Aug 8, 12:06am
What's on your iPod? 3 Tue. Aug 7, 11:21pm
Warning: Spelling cops 35 Tue. Aug 7, 10:56pm
early morning - what to eat before I workout? 20 Tue. Aug 7, 10:48pm
CAPE CORAL FL 0 Tue. Aug 7, 10:13pm
Vein-y legs (arms, etc) after weight loss/excess exercise? 5 Tue. Aug 7, 9:44pm
any one from? 1 Tue. Aug 7, 9:12pm
Losing weight before getting pregnant? 7 Tue. Aug 7, 7:50pm
The one thing I wish was completely calorie free..... 18 Tue. Aug 7, 6:10pm
Has any done Carmen Electra's Striptease Dvd's? 9 Tue. Aug 7, 5:40pm
Anyone know a good egg white and oatmeal pancake recipe? 18 Tue. Aug 7, 4:23pm
Help! My doctor's do I ask for nutritional help?? 8 Tue. Aug 7, 3:55pm
dried fruits during detox? 4 Tue. Aug 7, 3:12pm
Not going down sizes! 6 Tue. Aug 7, 2:50pm
SCORE!! 6 Tue. Aug 7, 1:10pm
Cooking "light" 6 Tue. Aug 7, 1:10pm
cycle (spinning) 5 Tue. Aug 7, 11:21am
Weigh down 1 Tue. Aug 7, 11:20am
skinny bitch?? 4 Tue. Aug 7, 11:20am
Guilty pleasures anonymous 13 Tue. Aug 7, 9:57am
Looking for spinach recipes - Help!?!?!! 10 Tue. Aug 7, 8:18am
OT - Harry Potter 20 Mon. Aug 6, 10:04pm
Peanut Butter! 23 Mon. Aug 6, 6:14pm
Jumping Rope 0 Mon. Aug 6, 6:12pm
Show Us Your Goal Outfit! 45 Mon. Aug 6, 6:09pm
no excuses! 0 Mon. Aug 6, 5:06pm
We can do more than help each other lose weight 0 Mon. Aug 6, 4:59pm
Question For Endurance Runners- Energy Gels? 5 Mon. Aug 6, 3:19pm
What is the best skin moisturizer? 16 Mon. Aug 6, 3:02pm
Quick, Easy & Cheap Recipes, Pretty Please!! 14 Mon. Aug 6, 2:31pm
18 points team NO EXCUSES! 0 Mon. Aug 6, 1:49pm
Come along with me! 0 Mon. Aug 6, 1:46pm
hate when people heavier than me tell me that i dont need to lose weight and should go away 31 Mon. Aug 6, 1:13pm
im so effin fat 26 Mon. Aug 6, 10:52am
Chicken Ideas! 26 Mon. Aug 6, 10:41am
OT Nose piercing Q 0 Mon. Aug 6, 12:05am
I'm thinking of going to a Weight Watchers meeting, and joining WW. 15 Sun. Aug 5, 11:21pm
Pheasent recipe and calories 1 Sun. Aug 5, 10:16pm
Help with FSD detox phase. 7 Sun. Aug 5, 6:28pm
Never hungry? 12 Sun. Aug 5, 4:23pm
HOW MANY MARRIED PEOPLE 23 Sun. Aug 5, 10:26am
how to get clearer healthy looking skin 24 Sun. Aug 5, 3:42am
scab on mole 14 Sun. Aug 5, 1:29am
OT- dating a sexual abuse survivor 9 Sat. Aug 4, 11:03pm
Fascinating article about the brain chemistry of addictions 2 Sat. Aug 4, 5:52pm
OT: Need urgent help with dilemma! 22 Sat. Aug 4, 5:38pm
What do you NOT do... 23 Sat. Aug 4, 5:21pm
Muscle Memory, Weight, and Adaptability. 2 Sat. Aug 4, 1:23pm
Join Fat Smash Diet 1.5 0 Sat. Aug 4, 10:43am
Top 10 Reasons Why Women Have Sex 7 Sat. Aug 4, 8:32am
Healthier Muffin recipies? 5 Sat. Aug 4, 3:44am
It's not easy but let's get it done together! 0 Fri. Aug 3, 11:10pm
Bob Greene's Best Life Diet 4 Fri. Aug 3, 9:02pm
Poll - Your spouse's SSN 30 Fri. Aug 3, 8:24pm
#1 indicator of quality of life? 17 Fri. Aug 3, 5:58pm
How to Weigh Food 10 Fri. Aug 3, 5:49pm
OT how to deal with a sibling who has been abused as a child 3 Fri. Aug 3, 5:27pm
Why am I not losing weight?????????? 21 Fri. Aug 3, 5:09pm
TLC Sextuplets show 20 Fri. Aug 3, 4:54pm
Why Your Teenager Needs a Credit Card 7 Fri. Aug 3, 4:53pm
Is self esteem overrated? 2 Fri. Aug 3, 4:28pm
What thread do you want to see that has not been created yet? 3 Fri. Aug 3, 4:28pm
PLASTIC SURGERY 17 Fri. Aug 3, 2:07pm
Alcohol question 11 Fri. Aug 3, 1:39pm
fitness / exercise question 3 Fri. Aug 3, 12:58pm
Pick vs Blow? 8 Fri. Aug 3, 11:09am
I hate when skinny people tell my how to lose weight 49 Fri. Aug 3, 11:05am
Jump Rope Mat 1 Fri. Aug 3, 8:28am
FAMOUS PEOPLE 28 Fri. Aug 3, 2:24am
question for short girls 43 Fri. Aug 3, 2:18am
sex and weight 10 Thu. Aug 2, 9:51pm
Please stop shouting at me with all capital letters. 15 Thu. Aug 2, 9:30pm
Is It Just Me Or Are There Others...... 30 Thu. Aug 2, 8:59pm
you want a piece of this?? 121 Thu. Aug 2, 8:57pm
Need help with my scale 3 Thu. Aug 2, 8:21pm
weigh in daily?? or weekly?? 6 Thu. Aug 2, 4:52pm
How much do you weigh? How much do you wish you weighed? 102 Thu. Aug 2, 3:43pm
Where Did You Go To College, (or did you) 25 Thu. Aug 2, 3:24pm
Free food in the kitchen at work 21 Thu. Aug 2, 2:58pm
Lesbian & Gays looking to lose weight 0 Thu. Aug 2, 2:51pm
CrossFit Training 1 Thu. Aug 2, 2:18pm
Awesome Recipe: Spicy Asian Chicken Soup 2 Thu. Aug 2, 2:18pm
Just starting out! 0 Thu. Aug 2, 1:45pm
Fat Smash vs South Beach 5 Thu. Aug 2, 10:34am
Eating out of boredom at work 10 Thu. Aug 2, 9:04am
Dunkin Donuts coffee question 16 Thu. Aug 2, 6:34am
work at home or uncommon work schedule challenges/benefits 7 Thu. Aug 2, 6:31am
Carolyn to Juls- where did our group go?? 0 Thu. Aug 2, 2:19am
ugh 19 Wed. Aug 1, 10:56pm
Activia anyone? 8 Wed. Aug 1, 10:37pm
DR OFFICE 7 Wed. Aug 1, 6:12pm
Best Light Ranch Ever! 5 Wed. Aug 1, 3:52pm
Gym PET PEEVES 90 Wed. Aug 1, 3:26pm
Why do I have to spell everything out for a man to do something around the house? 26 Wed. Aug 1, 2:25pm
Motivational Music 32 Wed. Aug 1, 12:52pm
Just a thought 34 Wed. Aug 1, 10:09am
How do you stop a binge? 29 Wed. Aug 1, 10:02am
Protein/energy bars 15 Wed. Aug 1, 9:49am
calories to maintain current weight 5 Wed. Aug 1, 9:22am
Do your boobs decrease alot when you lose weight? 33 Wed. Aug 1, 9:12am
supplements you cant live without 7 Wed. Aug 1, 12:20am
Would putting a scale next to the fridge fend off late night snacking? 5 Tue. Jul 31, 10:33pm
Exercise space can I make the most of what I have? 2 Tue. Jul 31, 10:27pm
Is microwavable food healthy? 6 Tue. Jul 31, 9:39pm
33 year old female, wants to lose 50+ 0 Tue. Jul 31, 7:42pm
Anyone here around 5'8? 10 Tue. Jul 31, 5:43pm
Need Motivation, fell off the wagon--HARD 7 Tue. Jul 31, 5:17pm
Best dance, challenging choreography video - your fav? 9 Tue. Jul 31, 4:50pm
recipe 1 Tue. Jul 31, 4:01pm
Whey protein....good for weight loss? 13 Tue. Jul 31, 3:55pm
Behavior changing guide to look at food in a new aspect... the thin persons way. 1 Tue. Jul 31, 2:33pm
Supportive groups 0 Tue. Jul 31, 2:10pm
Perseverance 0 Tue. Jul 31, 1:24pm
Did it ever help anyone not weighing yourself 8 Tue. Jul 31, 9:55am
Obsessive Loggers/Losers 1 Tue. Jul 31, 9:20am
Motivated for BIG LOSS 0 Tue. Jul 31, 7:11am
How Long Did it Take You to Get Pregnant 17 Mon. Jul 30, 7:13pm
Seattle "Adventure Boot Camp" 4 Mon. Jul 30, 7:08pm
What irritate's you about your group?? 30 Mon. Jul 30, 6:43pm
Symbols of American Mediocrity 35 Mon. Jul 30, 1:40pm
Bowel Movements and Belt Holes (a little graphic) 21 Mon. Jul 30, 1:09pm
coconut oil 11 Mon. Jul 30, 12:06pm
Slim In 6 1 Mon. Jul 30, 11:01am
Following Dr. Gott's No Flour No Sugar Diet Plan 2 Mon. Jul 30, 10:53am
Strange Phenomenon? 5 Mon. Jul 30, 10:28am
I need a man's opinion! 54 Mon. Jul 30, 12:27am
No Energy...HELP! 16 Sun. Jul 29, 10:22pm
Nuvaring 14 Sun. Jul 29, 7:38pm
I need major help 19 Sun. Jul 29, 7:17pm
Dealing with weight loss and hypothyroidism 11 Sun. Jul 29, 6:32am
Students Unite 0 Sun. Jul 29, 12:14am
Phase 1 of FSD and eating out. 1 Sat. Jul 28, 9:01pm
Anyone from Chattanooga? 0 Sat. Jul 28, 3:06pm
Shiritaki noodles 8 Sat. Jul 28, 1:51pm
Drinking coffee is like drinking mud 40 Sat. Jul 28, 9:52am
Is the exercise ball a marketing gimmick? 7 Sat. Jul 28, 5:03am
Poll: how much weight did you gain at the end of your pregnancy? 44 Sat. Jul 28, 2:33am
Why do people drink coffee? 18 Sat. Jul 28, 12:59am
question about diuretics 4 Sat. Jul 28, 12:16am
COME JOIN US WE HAVE 1 SPOT LEFT!! 0 Fri. Jul 27, 11:24pm
CNN State Map of Obesity 17 Fri. Jul 27, 6:45pm
please 1 Fri. Jul 27, 3:32pm
Whenever you meet difficult situations dash forward bravely and joyfully. ~ Yamamoto 1 Fri. Jul 27, 2:32pm
Fascinating article! 4 Fri. Jul 27, 2:22pm
come join!! 0 Fri. Jul 27, 12:03pm
Obsessive Loggers/Losers 2 Fri. Jul 27, 9:53am
Running skirts or shorts that don't "ride" 23 Fri. Jul 27, 8:45am
Mystery Disease 50 Fri. Jul 27, 12:17am
Scientists link diabetes drugs to heart failure 0 Thu. Jul 26, 10:37pm
Do you believe in stereotypes? 61 Thu. Jul 26, 6:30pm
Quiche crust substitute? 17 Thu. Jul 26, 3:44pm
running training groups yes/no? 4 Thu. Jul 26, 1:50pm
Whole Foods shoppers.... 7 Thu. Jul 26, 1:23pm
Water intoxication and hyponatremia 1 Thu. Jul 26, 12:59pm
Should there be a junk food tax? 9 Thu. Jul 26, 12:14pm
the preview option... 2 Thu. Jul 26, 8:46am
skinny - is it what guys want? 12 Thu. Jul 26, 8:41am
need posters 11 Thu. Jul 26, 8:25am
Help with group/team 1 Thu. Jul 26, 6:22am
Cottage Cheese Diet? 18 Thu. Jul 26, 1:04am
Anyone else like guacamole? 3 Wed. Jul 25, 11:18pm
Trouble with comments getting posted on teams! 3 Wed. Jul 25, 11:13pm
Does water weight make you LOOK heavier? 1 Wed. Jul 25, 10:19pm
Skinny B$tch diet 8 Wed. Jul 25, 10:17pm
Vegetable soup recipes? 17 Wed. Jul 25, 8:19pm
geez, I feel stupid... 3 Wed. Jul 25, 7:15pm
cheap healthy no cook dinner ideas? 11 Wed. Jul 25, 7:01pm
Should I log sex as workout/exercise? 122 Wed. Jul 25, 6:35pm
Noni come back! 0 Wed. Jul 25, 5:55pm
Weird question 9 Wed. Jul 25, 5:12pm
fiber/lax pills 10 Wed. Jul 25, 3:45pm
WeightWatchers points and fiber 1 Wed. Jul 25, 2:45pm
Does diet soda have negative affects on weight loss? 34 Wed. Jul 25, 11:35am
Is Olive Oil Good For The Skin? 64 Wed. Jul 25, 11:07am
friends united 1 Wed. Jul 25, 9:42am
Active group? 3 Wed. Jul 25, 9:12am
"Kick in the Butt" 0 Wed. Jul 25, 8:36am
sugar addiction? 8 Wed. Jul 25, 7:29am
do it yourself facials? 5 Wed. Jul 25, 2:13am
Sore calf muscle, how long do I have to sit around before I can go running again? 8 Wed. Jul 25, 2:09am
they said what???!! part deux 38 Wed. Jul 25, 2:02am
high fiber breakfast? 3 Wed. Jul 25, 1:24am
Get off the Pitty Pot! 4 Tue. Jul 24, 11:20pm
WOW! 16 Tue. Jul 24, 10:18pm sad! 8 Tue. Jul 24, 6:47pm
Are your parents healthy? 6 Tue. Jul 24, 3:01pm
Exercise book 3 Tue. Jul 24, 2:48pm
meal replacement shakes---good or bad? 13 Tue. Jul 24, 12:25pm
Local food 3 Tue. Jul 24, 9:51am
Bottled water...what are you drinking? 3 Tue. Jul 24, 9:00am
Want to Build an Incredible Physique? 0 Tue. Jul 24, 1:58am
side cramps when running 17 Tue. Jul 24, 1:57am
Weird Question: When You Sweat A LOT When Working Out Do You Crave Salt? 4 Tue. Jul 24, 1:48am
POLL: Jeans that fit real women 70 Mon. Jul 23, 8:25pm
UGH Men! 8 Mon. Jul 23, 6:10pm
sex "all about men" 13 Mon. Jul 23, 2:03pm
Sore nipples 17 Mon. Jul 23, 11:33am
MCDONALDS/OTHER FAST FOOD places 9 Mon. Jul 23, 10:45am
Do you feel guilty being FAT? 20 Mon. Jul 23, 10:10am
husbands/boyfriends 8 Mon. Jul 23, 9:09am
the more wt i lose the fatter i feel 5 Mon. Jul 23, 5:19am
Dream Weight vs "Good Enough" Weight. 20 Mon. Jul 23, 1:43am
The Firm??? 3 Mon. Jul 23, 12:59am
OT - Ebay... Anyone have advice? 4 Sun. Jul 22, 8:59pm
Gold's Gym, or other big gym chains 39 Sun. Jul 22, 8:27pm
Anyone know how to UNPOST a comment in the team section? 3 Sun. Jul 22, 12:00pm
STOMACH ISSUES 21 Sun. Jul 22, 9:56am
Waxing - do you tip yopur estetican? 9 Sat. Jul 21, 10:06pm
How will I act after I lose the weight... 12 Sat. Jul 21, 10:04pm
weight watchers pts 1 Sat. Jul 21, 5:41pm
Breakfast Ideas 3 Sat. Jul 21, 4:10pm
polycystic ovaries syndrome 6 Sat. Jul 21, 3:07pm
***Wanted Helpful Tips*** 16 Sat. Jul 21, 4:20am
30 day Weight Loss Challenge 1 Sat. Jul 21, 1:18am
HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME 15 Fri. Jul 20, 11:52pm
THEY SAID WHAT!? 235 Fri. Jul 20, 10:33pm
Increase Calories 6 Fri. Jul 20, 9:54pm
LOWEST Calorie drinks 26 Fri. Jul 20, 8:35pm
what r u scared of? 18 Fri. Jul 20, 7:14pm
Jamaica07 in St. Maarten's group 4 Fri. Jul 20, 2:07pm
Hypothyroidism 21 Fri. Jul 20, 11:09am
Pregnancy workouts? 2 Fri. Jul 20, 10:06am
Hot New Bodies of all types of Hispanics 2 Fri. Jul 20, 9:16am
Any good high-protein cereals out there? 5 Fri. Jul 20, 8:05am
how much wt loss after menstration? 9 Thu. Jul 19, 11:50pm
If you're having one of "those" this 2 Thu. Jul 19, 10:14pm
Body Pump - searched previous DVD threads - didn't find the info 6 Thu. Jul 19, 9:28pm
Night time hunger prevention? Favorite teas, other tricks? 11 Thu. Jul 19, 9:11pm
washing sneakers? 12 Thu. Jul 19, 8:47pm
Salad Dressing 15 Thu. Jul 19, 6:59pm
Alcohol and a Healthy Diet 17 Thu. Jul 19, 6:33pm
Join "Health and Wellness" 0 Thu. Jul 19, 4:46pm
OT How to deal with failures 8 Thu. Jul 19, 3:41pm
acne and birth control 3 Thu. Jul 19, 3:26pm
lightly active? moderately active? very active? Can I have your input? 4 Thu. Jul 19, 3:06pm
Your recommendations are solicited - Best workout tape you've done 29 Thu. Jul 19, 2:29pm
don't you just hate... 172 Thu. Jul 19, 2:21pm
why do people live in denial? 24 Thu. Jul 19, 10:01am
Daily workouts-dry hair 17 Thu. Jul 19, 9:06am
Need Advice Please 7 Thu. Jul 19, 8:58am
Wanted : funny moms 50yrs +/- 50lbs +/- 0 Thu. Jul 19, 7:59am
love dirty jobs and trying to lose weight? Join me! 3 Wed. Jul 18, 8:22pm
Men's weight loss/eating group 0 Wed. Jul 18, 7:01pm
Romance on PT 10 Wed. Jul 18, 6:48pm
The relationship between body image and exercise 7 Wed. Jul 18, 5:39pm
Serious Team looking to Seriously lose 53 Wed. Jul 18, 3:53pm
In your 50's and have lost some weight on PEERtrainer? 0 Wed. Jul 18, 3:04pm
How do you measure progress 3 Wed. Jul 18, 2:24pm
Can I take ALLI while on antidepressents? 10 Wed. Jul 18, 2:07pm
lack of success stories on PT 8 Wed. Jul 18, 2:06pm
OT: more skin care 2 Wed. Jul 18, 2:00pm
Staying Motivated... 6 Wed. Jul 18, 1:24pm
Drinking water after a meal 4 Wed. Jul 18, 12:19pm
Motivated for Big Loss 2 Wed. Jul 18, 10:54am
Rainy day ideas with kids- SAVE ME FROM CONSTANT SNACKING 2 Wed. Jul 18, 9:16am
How heavy of weights should I lift? 6 Wed. Jul 18, 8:37am
vacation option 8 Tue. Jul 17, 8:57pm
arc trainers vs. ellipticals? 18 Tue. Jul 17, 6:40pm
I've Plateaued! 6 Tue. Jul 17, 3:56pm
Self Tanner suggestions....... 29 Tue. Jul 17, 3:53pm
Your "That's IT - I'm losing weight!" moment? 39 Tue. Jul 17, 2:06pm
Weight Lifting For Health And Heart 3 Tue. Jul 17, 1:10pm
Lemonade Cleanse 13 Tue. Jul 17, 1:06pm
3 day diet 0 Tue. Jul 17, 12:39pm
Emotional Eating Woes 3 Tue. Jul 17, 11:25am
Central location for recipes? 7 Tue. Jul 17, 9:58am
hit a plateau? Mix things up and batle through it! 4 Tue. Jul 17, 7:30am
I feel fatter now that I've lost weight! 9 Mon. Jul 16, 11:51pm
Theres a skiny person inside of me! 2 Mon. Jul 16, 9:32pm
HELP! How much time between races? 2 Mon. Jul 16, 7:01pm
Jogging newbie, how did you guys start? 11 Mon. Jul 16, 6:27pm
How 2 post pictures??? 2 Mon. Jul 16, 4:31pm
New Diet Pill - Alli 58 Mon. Jul 16, 4:08pm
join up 2 Mon. Jul 16, 3:57pm
How long did it take... 6 Mon. Jul 16, 2:30pm
Great reduced fat broccoli casserole recipe 5 Mon. Jul 16, 2:22pm
Are you looking for an active group? 0 Mon. Jul 16, 2:07pm
Gym Memberships 14 Mon. Jul 16, 2:06pm
Elliptical Miles 3 Mon. Jul 16, 12:20pm
Interesting McDonald's survey 29 Mon. Jul 16, 11:43am
Chili's 6 Mon. Jul 16, 11:28am
bump? 5 Mon. Jul 16, 9:33am
My husband keeps commenting on my belly flab 34 Mon. Jul 16, 9:24am
drinking calories 0 Mon. Jul 16, 6:32am
Suckers! 14 Sun. Jul 15, 10:57am
kimkins does any one do the kimkins??? 2 Sun. Jul 15, 3:06am
Should I believe the elliptical? 17 Sat. Jul 14, 9:38pm
sweet potatoes 21 Sat. Jul 14, 9:07pm
arm excersizes 2 Sat. Jul 14, 7:55pm
Supreme pilates machine 0 Sat. Jul 14, 4:31pm
The G.I Diet 9 Sat. Jul 14, 2:33pm
Sleeping through breakfast? 3 Sat. Jul 14, 1:14pm
Help for parents 0 Fri. Jul 13, 11:39pm
Breathing during Cardio 9 Fri. Jul 13, 10:48pm
jumping muscles 1 Fri. Jul 13, 10:18pm
GOOD WORKOUT SONGS! 36 Fri. Jul 13, 9:56pm
dropping weight vs sizes 23 Fri. Jul 13, 8:42pm
Nivea Goodbye Cellulite 5 Fri. Jul 13, 4:50pm
OT renting a car 4 Fri. Jul 13, 4:30pm
Kissing 17 Fri. Jul 13, 1:26pm
Dinner Recipes 4 Fri. Jul 13, 12:55pm
Weight Control chewable fiber tablets 1 Fri. Jul 13, 12:26pm
Too young for these aches 4 Fri. Jul 13, 11:08am
Personal Trainer- Yea or Nay? 12 Fri. Jul 13, 10:11am
weight loss and hair care 5 Fri. Jul 13, 10:10am
Any Suggestions For Healthy Ice-Cream/Frz Yougurt? 19 Fri. Jul 13, 9:39am
Frozen meals? 32 Fri. Jul 13, 8:09am
Weight up for hard gainers 0 Fri. Jul 13, 7:36am
"Back Then They Didn't Want Me, Now I'm Hot They All On Me!" 8 Fri. Jul 13, 12:40am
To the guys 5 Thu. Jul 12, 11:10pm
How do I stop eating so much at night? Please help! 47 Thu. Jul 12, 11:01pm
Join my group! 1 Thu. Jul 12, 9:43pm
any good places to shop for affordable Organic foods? 7 Thu. Jul 12, 7:34pm
jerks only mia? 3 Thu. Jul 12, 6:44pm
Steam Rooms and Sauna's? 13 Thu. Jul 12, 4:45pm
Looking for good multivitamin 16 Thu. Jul 12, 3:46pm
Need group member to be on my case for daily log in's 0 Thu. Jul 12, 2:27pm
red faced during exercise . . . 23 Thu. Jul 12, 2:06pm
OT-Has anyone here been to Alanon? 6 Thu. Jul 12, 1:27pm
African American Women on Weight Watchers 80 Thu. Jul 12, 1:20pm
New!! 0 Thu. Jul 12, 11:19am
Best Multivitamin 1 Thu. Jul 12, 11:00am
Mind Over Matter - Beck Diet Solution 7 Wed. Jul 11, 11:30pm
BECK DIET SOLUTION 32 Wed. Jul 11, 11:28pm
Borage, Flax, and Omega Oil Supplements 0 Wed. Jul 11, 10:48pm
lying in your logs? 20 Wed. Jul 11, 10:00pm
How to deal with Dry Skin in Summer 2 Wed. Jul 11, 9:29pm
Safest Station Wagons? 6 Wed. Jul 11, 9:06pm
Sharing Information - Plus size clothing lines 6 Wed. Jul 11, 7:40pm
Big Feet? 4 Wed. Jul 11, 5:47pm
colonic 17 Wed. Jul 11, 4:53pm
Let's motivate each other and trade tips, secrets and advise. 4 Wed. Jul 11, 4:17pm
tip for any fitness, shape or other exercise magazine readers 2 Wed. Jul 11, 2:36pm
Searching for a new job-recommended websites! 3 Wed. Jul 11, 2:32pm
Question for taller women. 7 Wed. Jul 11, 1:27pm
looking for swimming motivation? 0 Wed. Jul 11, 1:09pm
Anyone Pro-Diet Pills? 18 Wed. Jul 11, 1:07pm
anyone using coconut oil? 9 Wed. Jul 11, 12:18pm
Fluidity exercise equipment 0 Wed. Jul 11, 2:15am
Favorite Discoveries. 15 Wed. Jul 11, 1:54am
Let's motivate each other and trade tips, secrets and advise. 0 Tue. Jul 10, 10:58pm
for the record 6 Tue. Jul 10, 9:20pm
One A Day Weight Smart for Women 2 Tue. Jul 10, 6:52pm
The Significant other... 15 Tue. Jul 10, 5:09pm
OT: John From Cincinnati 5 Tue. Jul 10, 4:39pm
Fat Stored on Your Waist and Hips.... 1 Tue. Jul 10, 4:32pm
Love WINE? 0 Tue. Jul 10, 2:51pm
what percentage of vitamins and minerals are lost due to cooking? 3 Tue. Jul 10, 2:34pm
New group for Extreme Fat Smash Diet 1 Tue. Jul 10, 2:01pm
Finals are making me sleep less and more hungry-HELP 3 Tue. Jul 10, 12:49pm
Weight Watchers Chicks! 0 Tue. Jul 10, 11:41am
Hot New Bodies of all types of Hispanics 17 Tue. Jul 10, 11:14am
weight//height AND age 7 Tue. Jul 10, 9:30am
what is my fat trying to tell me? 33 Tue. Jul 10, 4:08am
Room For One More 2 Mon. Jul 9, 10:20pm
Can someone explain the basics of the Fat Smash Diet? 23 Mon. Jul 9, 8:56pm
where do you go for romance online? 18 Mon. Jul 9, 8:20pm
This link has beautiful affirmations 2 Mon. Jul 9, 6:57pm
Grossed out by spouse's table manners 13 Mon. Jul 9, 6:32pm
tips for success in Weight Watchers 14 Mon. Jul 9, 6:24pm
How much does water weight fluctuate? 5 Mon. Jul 9, 6:21pm
Poll: What's your #1 reason 94 Mon. Jul 9, 6:16pm
Onion High 1 Mon. Jul 9, 5:52pm
Calorie-counter 6 Mon. Jul 9, 5:48pm
We have openings 0 Mon. Jul 9, 5:04pm
how to lose my double chin 2 Mon. Jul 9, 4:11pm
Group for girls, early 20's, who are in good shape. 9 Mon. Jul 9, 3:54pm
Hey! My skin looks better! Thanks PT! 27 Mon. Jul 9, 1:52pm
14W pants 6 Mon. Jul 9, 1:46pm
Ugly Tri's 3 Mon. Jul 9, 11:21am
Anyone looking for an active posting group? 0 Mon. Jul 9, 10:07am
Best or Your Favorite Sports Bra with GOOD Support? 1 Mon. Jul 9, 3:54am
Low Cal soft food 6 Sun. Jul 8, 9:16pm
Sets and Reps 3 Sun. Jul 8, 9:11pm
Flabby Thighs 3 Sun. Jul 8, 9:06pm
How to loose the last 5lbs 0 Sun. Jul 8, 9:03pm
I've lost weight and still don't like my body 7 Sun. Jul 8, 7:55pm
Stuck in O'Hare, American terminal -- EXERCISE?! help. :-) 11 Sun. Jul 8, 5:15pm
What Food Do You Wish McDonalds had on their menu? 29 Sun. Jul 8, 2:09pm
Access skin 32 Sun. Jul 8, 1:09pm
Would you give up a year of your life to be thin? 21 Sun. Jul 8, 11:24am
Favorite strapless bra 7 Sun. Jul 8, 7:22am
calories burned while mountain bike riding 2 Sat. Jul 7, 11:52pm
biggest loser 20 Sat. Jul 7, 11:13pm
anyone try the Bender Ball??? 3 Sat. Jul 7, 5:35pm
I start a new group for members who log daily they join and log in once 3 Sat. Jul 7, 2:38pm
How much did you gain while pregnant with your first baby? 31 Sat. Jul 7, 1:10pm
Does anybody else think the chick in the picture above "Spotlight" next to Community is Hot? 16 Sat. Jul 7, 9:35am
Angry. 6 Sat. Jul 7, 2:33am
Cycling classes and calories burnt 2 Fri. Jul 6, 10:16pm
Are you working out with Power 90 by Beach Body? 0 Fri. Jul 6, 8:34pm
Are you working out with Power 90 by Beach Body? 0 Fri. Jul 6, 8:33pm
Welcome 0 Fri. Jul 6, 8:09pm
Breakfast 24 Fri. Jul 6, 4:53pm
Losing Weight for teens 0 Fri. Jul 6, 4:05pm
Lunch Recipe of the Week - Turkey and Bean Chili 6 Fri. Jul 6, 12:23pm
facing changes 0 Fri. Jul 6, 10:41am
Veggie Booty snack food recall 18 Fri. Jul 6, 10:34am
TOPS 5 Fri. Jul 6, 10:23am
Retraining Your Metabolism 11 Fri. Jul 6, 6:51am
I missed PT! I'm back and need support more than ever! group openings? 0 Fri. Jul 6, 1:25am
Getting ready to climb some mountains... 0 Thu. Jul 5, 10:50pm
Fourth of July Binge 10 Thu. Jul 5, 10:43pm
how do i leave a team? 1 Thu. Jul 5, 9:42pm
Renton Highlands 24 hour fitness group 1 Thu. Jul 5, 9:12pm
Cleansing diets 35 Thu. Jul 5, 7:38pm
Which diet program is the best? 12 Thu. Jul 5, 5:53pm
Why I love PT 9 Thu. Jul 5, 5:43pm
Starting Fat Smash DIet 3 Thu. Jul 5, 5:06pm
Come join us 0 Thu. Jul 5, 4:59pm
30 and ready for the diva in me to emerge! 0 Thu. Jul 5, 4:45pm
Core Rhythms 4 Thu. Jul 5, 2:56pm
Greening Your Lifestyle? 11 Thu. Jul 5, 2:47pm
How about detoxing? 13 Thu. Jul 5, 2:45pm
Looking for Willpower Warriors 1 Thu. Jul 5, 2:37pm
Just Turned 30 and need to lose 50 - 100 1 Thu. Jul 5, 2:18pm
Hello everyone! 0 Thu. Jul 5, 2:17pm
Can you watch this without crying? 10 Thu. Jul 5, 1:57pm
The problem with being on the other side of the world 12 Thu. Jul 5, 1:57pm
Looking For Walking Partners 0 Thu. Jul 5, 1:44pm
looking for members 0 Thu. Jul 5, 1:23pm
Vitamuffins 5 Thu. Jul 5, 1:19pm
Need Positive People to join new group 0 Thu. Jul 5, 1:09pm
Chicago Boomers Shedding Pounds 0 Thu. Jul 5, 12:55pm
advice on friendship 23 Thu. Jul 5, 12:32pm
Are you an obsessive logger 1 Thu. Jul 5, 11:04am
Lose weight by Daily logging 1 Thu. Jul 5, 11:01am
Log not printing 0 Thu. Jul 5, 10:52am
You WANT To Be a Paty of This!! 5 Thu. Jul 5, 10:45am
Anyone try the Fat Smash diet? 3 Thu. Jul 5, 3:59am
Martial Arts? 0 Thu. Jul 5, 1:25am
Food Allergies and Sensitivities? 0 Thu. Jul 5, 1:24am
Disappointments 2 Wed. Jul 4, 9:36pm
High fiber foods 8 Wed. Jul 4, 7:13pm
New Group : Fit Through Menopause 26 Wed. Jul 4, 6:06pm
Getting control over yourself 1pound at a time 0 Wed. Jul 4, 1:56pm
where did she go? 11 Wed. Jul 4, 1:56pm
A few Fat Smash Questions... 6 Wed. Jul 4, 1:47pm
fav videos? 9 Wed. Jul 4, 1:05pm
This is interesting.... 9 Wed. Jul 4, 1:03pm
Jumprope 0 Wed. Jul 4, 9:19am
Need members, let's motivate eachother! 1 Wed. Jul 4, 9:16am
whats a good exercise to loose fat in the abdoman area? 13 Wed. Jul 4, 9:15am
Kettle Bells and other "simple" functional things 5 Wed. Jul 4, 9:14am
Looking for Members Like Me to Help Each Other 7 Wed. Jul 4, 9:13am
Any really active and every-day-posting groups out there need another member? 4 Wed. Jul 4, 9:12am
Extreme Fat Smash? 4 Wed. Jul 4, 9:07am
Anyone see the movie "What the Bleep do we know?" 4 Wed. Jul 4, 9:06am
Bad dating patterns... 5 Wed. Jul 4, 9:05am
Any Serious Daily Loggers Out There? 8 Wed. Jul 4, 9:04am
Arm Workouts.. HELP 8 Wed. Jul 4, 8:24am
Do You Want to Get Back to Your Pre-Marital Weight? 0 Wed. Jul 4, 2:24am
TUMMY TUCK 4 Wed. Jul 4, 1:57am
Stationary Bike VS. Treadmill (walking) 5 Tue. Jul 3, 11:57pm
Can't workout, HELP 16 Tue. Jul 3, 11:31pm
New group - Just Moms Talkin' 4 Tue. Jul 3, 11:29pm
Kids 15 and under that want to change. JOIN NOW 2 Tue. Jul 3, 11:29pm
For Family's That Want To Lose Weight. Join Now 1 Tue. Jul 3, 11:28pm
JERKS ONLY TEAM! 4 Tue. Jul 3, 11:27pm
For Gay Guys Losing Weight 1 Tue. Jul 3, 11:26pm
Strong upper abs, crappy lower ones 5 Tue. Jul 3, 11:25pm
HELP! MOTIVATION NEEDED ASAP!!! 5 Tue. Jul 3, 11:25pm
Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss 32 Tue. Jul 3, 11:25pm
BRAG AWAY!! 18 Tue. Jul 3, 11:23pm
New Mom's Support Network 2 Tue. Jul 3, 11:23pm
I hate PURFECT people! Don't you 11 Tue. Jul 3, 11:23pm
Considering leaving PT due to all the 'political correctness' - unmotivating environment 36 Tue. Jul 3, 11:22pm
Advice about helping a grieving widow ! 6 Tue. Jul 3, 11:21pm
Cheating on diets 4 Tue. Jul 3, 11:20pm
running question 4 Tue. Jul 3, 11:19pm
I miss bread. 8 Tue. Jul 3, 11:18pm
What am I doing wrong? 11 Tue. Jul 3, 11:16pm
very embarrasing problem 9 Tue. Jul 3, 11:15pm
Flax seed oil and weight loss 2 Tue. Jul 3, 11:15pm
Anyone do laser hair removal on their chin? 4 Tue. Jul 3, 11:13pm
Weird tip 7 Tue. Jul 3, 11:12pm
Fat Face 5 Tue. Jul 3, 1:47pm
How many points should I be eating? 2 Tue. Jul 3, 12:39pm
Irked by compliments on weight loss 33 Mon. Jul 2, 8:01pm
how can i lose 35 pounds in two months? 27 Mon. Jul 2, 5:47pm
HS Euro-Trip...HELP! 6 Mon. Jul 2, 5:44pm
Pilates 0 Mon. Jul 2, 2:37pm
Myspace 1 Mon. Jul 2, 1:41pm
"Activia" making you not feel well? 0 Mon. Jul 2, 1:31pm
homemade pop tarts? 4 Mon. Jul 2, 11:36am
July is ME Month! 1 Mon. Jul 2, 10:35am
What do you think? 6 Mon. Jul 2, 8:47am
I don't have health insurance (I'm self employed) and it drives me nuts - help 22 Mon. Jul 2, 6:21am
Under 100 cal breakfast ideas? 21 Mon. Jul 2, 3:18am
Kids and Obesity 51 Mon. Jul 2, 12:08am
Fat Smash Diet 4 Sun. Jul 1, 11:01pm
Phase I recipe for FSD 7 Sun. Jul 1, 10:59pm
Revenge of the Ex's 4 Sun. Jul 1, 10:59pm
Is it possible/is it healthy? 1 Sun. Jul 1, 4:10pm
How do i loose 35 pounds in 3-4 monthes 3 Sun. Jul 1, 3:05pm
how fast do you think you can lose? 0 Sun. Jul 1, 1:51pm
Push-Ups 7 Sun. Jul 1, 1:25pm
phoenix challenge extension 0 Sun. Jul 1, 9:51am
the name says it all 0 Sat. Jun 30, 5:55pm
Excess skin? 6 Sat. Jun 30, 4:00pm
For the Kids Who Need PEER Trainer 1 Sat. Jun 30, 3:56pm
Ladies- Working out while on the Period??? 6 Sat. Jun 30, 3:13pm
what do you do when traveling? 6 Sat. Jun 30, 2:31pm
Could playing tennis replace my regular exercise routine? 4 Sat. Jun 30, 9:50am
gastric bypass jerks 11 Sat. Jun 30, 9:18am
OT CANCER 6 Fri. Jun 29, 7:31pm
Anyone who wants to lose 50 pounds 5 Fri. Jun 29, 4:26pm
Eat to Live? 3 Fri. Jun 29, 3:26pm
Pain while running 14 Fri. Jun 29, 2:54pm
Advice needed on balancing school, life, and work 6 Fri. Jun 29, 12:59pm
Fake sugar/too much artificial sweetner bad for you? 18 Fri. Jun 29, 12:14pm
little creamers, how many cals? 3 Fri. Jun 29, 12:12pm
new request from People Magazine to the PT community... 1 Fri. Jun 29, 10:20am
Come join! 0 Fri. Jun 29, 9:48am
Organic Multi Vitamin 2 Fri. Jun 29, 9:17am
If you are 5ft and want to lose- join me. 0 Fri. Jun 29, 9:00am
Thighs Getting too Bulky 19 Fri. Jun 29, 8:14am
weight gain 4 Fri. Jun 29, 6:18am
Help me with loosing weight? It's my senior year yay! 6 Fri. Jun 29, 1:26am
Fruit 8 Thu. Jun 28, 11:27pm
Embarassing sweating 3 Thu. Jun 28, 12:57pm
Slim fast? 36 Thu. Jun 28, 12:50pm
Any suggestions of Inspirational movies 14 Thu. Jun 28, 12:36pm
Do you love dogs?! 1 Thu. Jun 28, 12:32pm
Hula Hoop 6 Thu. Jun 28, 11:35am
Wendy Plan? 3 Thu. Jun 28, 11:23am
this is a great ggroup for teens 0 Thu. Jun 28, 11:11am
Join! 0 Thu. Jun 28, 10:39am
Workout for Thighs? 5 Thu. Jun 28, 9:44am
Whats a good 30 minute workout? 8 Thu. Jun 28, 7:25am
Suggested daily calorie intake to lose weight? 3 Thu. Jun 28, 6:48am
Pictures Dilemma, need advise!! UGH! 8 Thu. Jun 28, 2:39am
Wedding in two months HELP! 7 Thu. Jun 28, 1:33am
For those in their mid 20s-30s who have struggled with weight loss their whole lives... 1 Thu. Jun 28, 1:12am
unaccomplished workout anyone? 5 Wed. Jun 27, 10:22pm
posting daily? 0 Wed. Jun 27, 5:48pm
trash bag exercising?? 7 Wed. Jun 27, 5:44pm
100 Calorie Snacks? 15 Wed. Jun 27, 5:37pm
How many points am I allowed on Weight Watchers? 5 Wed. Jun 27, 4:41pm
anyone here from Champaign, IL? 5 Wed. Jun 27, 3:09pm
Gas Station Snacks 2 Wed. Jun 27, 2:23pm
Dairy Diet? 0 Wed. Jun 27, 12:36pm
Rude people at public pool 13 Wed. Jun 27, 12:30pm
Oatmeal: No Good? So Good? 5 Wed. Jun 27, 10:58am
I'm having a hard time. 4 Wed. Jun 27, 10:54am
PT=Not annoying my friends anymore 1 Wed. Jun 27, 10:48am
Retrain your brain and lets lose weight together! 0 Wed. Jun 27, 9:55am
Trying to lose weight but Im going to Vegas 7 Wed. Jun 27, 9:30am
bread/cake/muffin making in the microwave? 0 Wed. Jun 27, 7:32am
Stretch Marks and Weight Loss 4 Wed. Jun 27, 12:52am
strength workouts 1 Wed. Jun 27, 12:35am
Late Night Eating 11 Tue. Jun 26, 11:26pm
Join 0 Tue. Jun 26, 10:43pm
One open space in the spotlight! 4 Tue. Jun 26, 8:27pm
O.T. Personal 8 Tue. Jun 26, 7:42pm
Boredom 2 Tue. Jun 26, 7:31pm
pros and cons of being attractive 26 Tue. Jun 26, 7:25pm
Smash Fat Diet 2 Tue. Jun 26, 6:15pm
knee issues when running...any thoughts? 5 Tue. Jun 26, 5:44pm
Does anyone eat cottage cheese while dieting? 12 Tue. Jun 26, 5:02pm
water over coke 16 Tue. Jun 26, 5:00pm
Cardio 1 Tue. Jun 26, 4:58pm
Walking enough? 15 Tue. Jun 26, 4:30pm
Did you find out about PT from people magazine?? 31 Tue. Jun 26, 3:57pm
looking for daily posters 1 Tue. Jun 26, 2:16pm
Quickie, daily ab workout? 17 Tue. Jun 26, 1:05pm
STUPID Hip Flexor 1 Tue. Jun 26, 1:01pm
Do you have to sweat to garentee weight loss when exercising? 5 Tue. Jun 26, 12:30pm
Have you let yourself go? 1 Tue. Jun 26, 12:22pm
What kind of tea is most effective for weight loss? 1 Tue. Jun 26, 12:20pm
How much water is too much water? 3 Tue. Jun 26, 11:08am
Results 1 Tue. Jun 26, 7:17am
So proud, thanks for all the support PT 4 Tue. Jun 26, 6:35am
Team for Anxiety/Depression 0 Tue. Jun 26, 4:24am
High-protein diet linked to constipation? 2 Tue. Jun 26, 2:14am
3 imperative gym accessories...GO! 5 Tue. Jun 26, 2:00am
anxiety, depression, etc 19 Mon. Jun 25, 10:53pm
Join us for Real, Wholistic Weight loss 0 Mon. Jun 25, 10:33pm
anyone taking CELEXA? 3 Mon. Jun 25, 10:09pm
Does Green Tea really help you lose weight? 8 Mon. Jun 25, 7:38pm
Post Break-Up Blues 7 Mon. Jun 25, 6:09pm
How to develope a healthy mindset? 4 Mon. Jun 25, 6:01pm
my "seconds" trick 4 Mon. Jun 25, 5:50pm
Jump on the train... 0 Mon. Jun 25, 5:28pm
brown rice 2 Mon. Jun 25, 5:25pm
weight graph 2 Mon. Jun 25, 5:23pm
sad.. let down.. support? 15 Mon. Jun 25, 4:42pm
Gym Membership for Teen 3 Mon. Jun 25, 2:59pm
special diets needed! PRONTO 5 Mon. Jun 25, 2:57pm
Studying Habits 2 Mon. Jun 25, 2:32pm
what to eat during an 8 hr exam 8 Mon. Jun 25, 2:16pm
NEW CHICAGO GROUP 0 Mon. Jun 25, 1:56pm
SHIN SPLINTS 0 Mon. Jun 25, 12:57pm
Sodium question - sorry, I can't find the answer! 2 Mon. Jun 25, 10:23am
nutrisystem, jenny craig, packaged diets 28 Mon. Jun 25, 9:57am
let's do it together 0 Mon. Jun 25, 6:36am
HELP 0 Mon. Jun 25, 1:39am
Is Sushi good for you? 3 Mon. Jun 25, 1:08am
Suna and Steamroom 7 Mon. Jun 25, 1:05am
face moisturizer--what's your fav? 6 Sun. Jun 24, 10:23pm
Alli vs Brocolli 9 Sun. Jun 24, 10:11pm
Fitness Center 4 Sun. Jun 24, 1:18pm
Are you over 40 and want to get healthy 0 Sun. Jun 24, 12:49pm
excercise and eating with kids 1 Sun. Jun 24, 11:09am
Need more members! 0 Sun. Jun 24, 7:53am
support and help with eating disorders of all kinds 0 Sat. Jun 23, 5:50pm
Join group that uses OA concepts to change behavior 3 Sat. Jun 23, 12:54pm
exercise according to "body type" 13 Sat. Jun 23, 9:37am
Nutrional facts panels wrong? 2 Sat. Jun 23, 8:54am
I don't like the taste of water. 48 Sat. Jun 23, 3:53am
pap smear 12 Sat. Jun 23, 2:37am
weaning from antidepressants 7 Sat. Jun 23, 12:05am
OT, talking about money 13 Fri. Jun 22, 11:05pm
Moms with infants/toddlers...... 1 Fri. Jun 22, 9:18pm
ipod & running 17 Fri. Jun 22, 6:38pm
Side effects of blood pressure medications? 8 Fri. Jun 22, 2:52pm
frequent loggers/commenters 2 Fri. Jun 22, 2:25pm
Women who are 5'8"... or around there and under 160.. how did you get there? 24 Fri. Jun 22, 1:53pm
Flax oil 2 Fri. Jun 22, 12:54pm
picking up women at the gym 25 Fri. Jun 22, 12:18pm
Menopause and the Pill 4 Fri. Jun 22, 11:49am
How can I make new friends? 9 Fri. Jun 22, 11:16am
Emotional Eating! Help! 17 Fri. Jun 22, 10:43am
Anyone else have jealousy problems? What do you think about this? 55 Fri. Jun 22, 10:34am
Cure a cold 3 Fri. Jun 22, 10:20am
need support 0 Fri. Jun 22, 10:12am
Vegan cooking 27 Fri. Jun 22, 10:05am
Trying to determine my "ideal" weight. 6 Fri. Jun 22, 9:06am
Spanx questions 5 Fri. Jun 22, 9:05am
when do people notice weight loss 21 Fri. Jun 22, 5:57am
grammar question 1 Thu. Jun 21, 11:29pm
Excuses men give when lying 29 Thu. Jun 21, 7:53pm 1 Thu. Jun 21, 7:23pm
Does Bulk Buying Breed Obesity ? 6 Thu. Jun 21, 7:00pm
Any advice on going through menopause gracefully? 4 Thu. Jun 21, 6:57pm
Stupid question about recycling 2 Thu. Jun 21, 5:43pm
Excuses men give when lying II 10 Thu. Jun 21, 3:59pm
Peanut Butta 10 Thu. Jun 21, 3:44pm
JOIN NOW!!! 0 Thu. Jun 21, 3:16pm
Tersie 8 Thu. Jun 21, 2:27pm
How to put ticker in log? 2 Thu. Jun 21, 1:05pm
Free, Downloable, Audible Books 4 Thu. Jun 21, 1:00pm
Probiotics 4 Thu. Jun 21, 12:56pm
Looking for other groupies! 0 Thu. Jun 21, 9:40am
diet pill called phentramin 10 Thu. Jun 21, 7:24am
For all you 60+ people out there let's work together to get healthy ahd stay healthy! 0 Thu. Jun 21, 1:10am
Alli or Orlistat? 48 Wed. Jun 20, 11:25pm
Why is my stomach so upset? 10 Wed. Jun 20, 10:50pm
How to build muscle 5 Wed. Jun 20, 9:39pm
how about a little SPAM! 2 Wed. Jun 20, 8:33pm
Ditch the junk in the trunk! 0 Wed. Jun 20, 6:56pm
Mystery Elle 8 Wed. Jun 20, 5:35pm
sodium & beans 1 Wed. Jun 20, 1:51pm
pushing 40 living in the south with to much southern AKA Fat loaded cooking. 0 Wed. Jun 20, 1:01pm
motivation 3 Wed. Jun 20, 11:49am
Pure Trim 1 Wed. Jun 20, 9:56am
Looking to feel better while life bombards you with reality? 0 Wed. Jun 20, 8:08am
do you shave your legs? 75 Wed. Jun 20, 7:19am
A new group that has just started ... Join!!! 0 Wed. Jun 20, 2:32am
What's In YOUR glass? 0 Wed. Jun 20, 12:11am
join new team 0 Tue. Jun 19, 11:17pm
Sodium 2 Tue. Jun 19, 10:30pm
Menstrual fluctuations during weight loss 2 Tue. Jun 19, 9:32pm
Water aerobics 10 Tue. Jun 19, 9:08pm
"avoid cold liquids with your meals".. anyone ever hear this before 11 Tue. Jun 19, 7:18pm
Are you a 20-something? Do you have more than 70 lbs to lose? 0 Tue. Jun 19, 7:17pm
Making your own granola? 4 Tue. Jun 19, 3:39pm
Do you know someone under 50 who had a heart attack? 6 Tue. Jun 19, 11:45am
What I Envy About People at the Gym. 11 Tue. Jun 19, 11:28am
Support Group for Members in South Florida 0 Tue. Jun 19, 8:40am
Green Tea Supplements 2 Tue. Jun 19, 2:47am
Posting Daily...Does anyone do it? 17 Mon. Jun 18, 11:24pm
Gym Bunnies Be Gone With You !! 67 Mon. Jun 18, 9:50pm
I want my sexy back! 1 Mon. Jun 18, 9:07pm
Is the gym beneficial? 8 Mon. Jun 18, 6:52pm
PT longtime loggers 5 Mon. Jun 18, 5:58pm
Try it out... 0 Mon. Jun 18, 5:32pm
Be Healthy & Happy! 0 Mon. Jun 18, 3:18pm
Health Benefits of Running 7 Mon. Jun 18, 2:55pm
Exercise 1 Mon. Jun 18, 2:02pm
Holy Calories! 36 Mon. Jun 18, 1:25pm
Need to drop 10 -15 more 0 Mon. Jun 18, 1:06pm
Want to join? 0 Mon. Jun 18, 12:00pm
Running for Beginners 0 Mon. Jun 18, 11:10am
patriotic sign 49 Mon. Jun 18, 9:32am
Any weight loss goal, any amount, any method so long as its a safe and healty method 0 Mon. Jun 18, 4:04am
OT - Block Party 1 Mon. Jun 18, 12:36am
Any good tips welcome. 3 Sun. Jun 17, 8:40pm
Brains of Overweight People are Like Addicts 10 Sun. Jun 17, 12:28pm
anyone know what happened to Hussy? 5 Sun. Jun 17, 12:27pm
Happy Fathers Day 2 Sun. Jun 17, 12:26pm
vdarling has lost 50 pounds since Dec 31st 32 Sun. Jun 17, 12:24pm
Good article for runners 1 Sun. Jun 17, 11:25am
Bottled Water 2 Sun. Jun 17, 1:04am
how many calories does sex burn? 3 Sat. Jun 16, 10:48pm
help: medical professionals w/ palm/PDA/treo/etc?? 5 Sat. Jun 16, 2:59pm
Hey, massage therapists! 4 Sat. Jun 16, 2:56pm
Anyone who wants to lose 50 pounds 0 Sat. Jun 16, 12:04am
Progestin Advice (not for the easily offended) 15 Fri. Jun 15, 8:36pm
recruiting ex Weigh Down Workshopers 0 Fri. Jun 15, 8:07pm
recruiting ex Weigh Down Workshopers 0 Fri. Jun 15, 8:04pm
Join our Team 1 Fri. Jun 15, 6:49pm
The perfect life... hot flashes and grandbabies 1 Fri. Jun 15, 6:48pm
How's this for a pick up line? 1 Fri. Jun 15, 6:35pm
Should Weight Watchers be assigning any points values to fruits and vegetables? 6 Fri. Jun 15, 6:24pm
teens 0 Fri. Jun 15, 6:24pm
Any recommendations for shoes for Turbo Jam, etc? 1 Fri. Jun 15, 3:54pm
Broad rib cage/ thicker waist? 12 Fri. Jun 15, 3:52pm
Lose 50+ pounds through healthy behavior changes 0 Fri. Jun 15, 3:25pm
Ladies! What do you do to protect yourselves? 17 Fri. Jun 15, 1:28pm
How many calories a day??? 7 Fri. Jun 15, 1:17pm
best diets for teens? 6 Fri. Jun 15, 1:14pm
how do i put my picture in the upper right hand corner 1 Fri. Jun 15, 12:12pm
Mexican Black Bean Stew 0 Fri. Jun 15, 11:51am
How to deal with eating out... 10 Fri. Jun 15, 10:47am
Project You 0 Fri. Jun 15, 10:30am
Fitflop, was on Good Morning America 3 Fri. Jun 15, 12:38am
Why do I always want something sweet after I eat? 21 Fri. Jun 15, 12:36am
Abnormal Pap Smear 26 Fri. Jun 15, 12:19am
Wedding Day Countdown 4 Thu. Jun 14, 11:56pm
Valerie8107 0 Thu. Jun 14, 11:48pm
TMI - question for large breasted girls... 16 Thu. Jun 14, 11:42pm
You want motivation, ladies?? 0 Thu. Jun 14, 11:00pm
in a overeating rut! HELP! 2 Thu. Jun 14, 10:37pm
alcohol 13 Thu. Jun 14, 9:14pm
Pasta alternatives 17 Thu. Jun 14, 8:48pm
OT -Manager asking if I plan to get pregnant 26 Thu. Jun 14, 7:28pm
2 spots available 1 Thu. Jun 14, 6:35pm
Looking for dedicated members, experienced or new. 0 Thu. Jun 14, 6:25pm
Sort if OT: Hair 17 Thu. Jun 14, 6:22pm
What could be the common ingredient that gives me GAS!?! 3 Thu. Jun 14, 4:58pm
Loose weight, look great! 0 Thu. Jun 14, 4:45pm
How many calories are there in a hersey kiss? 5 Thu. Jun 14, 3:38pm
Join me? 0 Thu. Jun 14, 3:25pm
Join me? 0 Thu. Jun 14, 3:25pm
Ummm, what am I supposed to think? 5 Thu. Jun 14, 2:52pm
What are your favorite ETHNIC foods? 0 Thu. Jun 14, 2:46pm
anyone planning on trying ALLI? 17 Thu. Jun 14, 2:42pm
OT... 1st Fathers Day without Dad 23 Thu. Jun 14, 2:16pm
Swimming... 34 Thu. Jun 14, 1:19pm
Hair pulling/Trichotillomania 6 Thu. Jun 14, 12:16pm
Anyone having problems with MySpace? 4 Thu. Jun 14, 11:55am
I love peanut butter 10 Thu. Jun 14, 11:19am
No Flour No Sugar diet 11 Thu. Jun 14, 9:50am
Tamoxifen and weight gain - need advice 1 Thu. Jun 14, 4:18am
What foods make bad smelling stool 14 Thu. Jun 14, 12:42am
5 great reasons to the Overeaters Anonymous team! 0 Thu. Jun 14, 12:21am
5 great reasons to the Overeaters Anonymous team! 0 Thu. Jun 14, 12:21am
5 great reasons to join this team! 0 Thu. Jun 14, 12:16am
Sort of OT: Skin Change 8 Wed. Jun 13, 10:42pm
Wanna Feel Beatiful Again 0 Wed. Jun 13, 8:40pm