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Group Name: Seniors Serious About Losing and Maintaining
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Profile: For seniors who are trying to lose those last few (10-20) pounds and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Last posted: Friday, May 27, 2016, 1:46 AM

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I am a 76-yr-old retired child development specialist. Since retirement I have been a docent at San Diego Botamic Garden. I do a story time there for preschoolers once a week I also have a large container garden at my son's house, where I garden with my grandsons..I have 2 grandsons, ages 5 and 9, who live 3 miles from me. I volunteer in their school 3 times a week and care for them 2 or 3 afternoons a week. I have 2 granddaughters, ages12 and 15, who live 3,000 miles away in Washington, DC.. We see them often. I'm busy and active and enjoying life.

I live in NC, moved here six years ago to be near my daughter and her family, however they have now moved to CA. I miss them like mad, but love the Raleigh and will remain here. I'm a retired respiratory therapist, I love to read, the computer, have a passion for cooking, setting the table, friends for lunch/dinner, cookie baking and also something non food related, , hand painting and embossing note cards.

Highly motivated. Can take on too much resulting in lack of organization. I am a CPA; but currently at home with three kids 14, 9 and 9. Hubby 18 years. One adorable cat.

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