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Group Name: Team Couch to 5K4
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere, 00000


Profile: Anyone trying to run a 5K race -- novice or experienced runners welcome!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:34 AM

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33, single, student almost have that B.A. degree... I work as a comp technician and I'm tired of just sitting at the computer all day everyday and seeing myself slowly turning into Gardulla the Hutt. STATS: Weight: 09-26-06 --- 253.5 lbs. 11-14-06 --- 255.0 lbs. [ + 1.5 ] 02-01-07 --- 250.5 lbs. [ - 4.5 ] 03-01-07 ---

44 years old and turning into my mother! I get a shock every time I look in the mirror!.... Happily married mother of 3 (15, 13 & 10), Primary school substitute teacher, 5'8" tall (though I think I'm shrinking...) Always been the skinny chick with no curves but now I have curves but only because I seem to be melting into a pile of flabby flesh...

I am a working mother of twin 3-year olds, with a wide variety of interests. Before I had children, I was a technologies consultant, both in the US and abroad. I "retired" when I had children, and took up fiction writing. This year I began my second (third?) career path, and am now working in the pastoral care department of a local hospital. (I am not typically religious, as that term goes. I am a practicing Quaker, and my husband is a Buddhist.) I continue writing, and maintain a diverse set of friends, activities, and habits. I have a dog (a 45 pound hound), a cat (a crotchety old man), and a husband (not a pet, but should probably be mentioned). I love to travel, love living in new places, and have several vices: namely, coffee, dark chocolate and red wine.

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