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Group Name: Natural/Whole Food Eaters
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Profile: Trying to get off the processed foods, eliminating MSG, nitrates, hydrogenated oils and fats from diet. Want to incorporate eating good carbs and fats and eating more whole, natural foods.

Last posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010, 3:18 PM

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26 year old PhD student and aspiring pastry chef living in NYC love cooking and being healthy.... wish i had more time for both...

I am 28 years old, live in Boston, and I am an analyst at a media monitoring company. I joined PeerTrainer in 2006, but I was not very active. Most of the goals I outlined in 2006 are the same today. I recently lost weight (due to stress and lack of sleep... so this weight loss was not entirely healthy) while in graduate school. Since leaving grad school, and since starting a new job last year that requires me to drive to work (in contrast to the walking/running to work with a bag full of text books every morning and night), I have been slowly gaining weight back. I only do Pilates, so I need to push myself to do another form of exercise. I also live with a very motivated athlete, who is very supportive about joining me for runs now and then, but I still cannot get sufficiently motivated to do any exercise besides Pilates. I also have issues with portion control and overeating.

I am 43 and a stay at home mom to two great boys.

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