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Group Name: KUDOS!4
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Profile: Accountability, accountability, accountability! Daily check in to report progress with diet and exercise, sharing personal successes and problem solving weak areas. Big emphasis on encouragement from other team members.

Last posted: Thursday, August 17, 2006, 5:01 AM

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22 years old. I work full time as a temp which means something different every day. I lost weight really well with this site in the past and decided to try it again. I stress eat and just went though a bad time in my life... time to get back down to my 'happy' size!

Japan fanatic who would be very happy to be a fitness fanatic as well! Approaching 40 too fast!

27, freelance, work from home, since starting that 18 months ago the weight has piled on! Recently started swimming c. 1/2 mile 3 times a week and am loving it - now can't go more than a day without a swim. Wanting to continue this and look and feel better.

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