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Group Name: Healthy College Students5
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Location: anywhere, CA 00000


Profile: For any student who goes to a college or university, we can motivate each other to move away from all the fattening junk food that is around us. We can pave the way for a better lifestyle for our futures.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:31 AM

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I'm a senior at college in boston, and am just under 10pounds overweight according to my BMI which I'm using as a rough gauge to my ideal weight. I've already lost 12 pounds in the past 2-3 months and would like to continue with that, hopefully not just losing 10 more but more that that, even. I'd really like to have lost it by the end of the year, but failing that, then graduation.

I just graduated with my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Purdue. I would really like to lose 25-30 pounds.

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