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Group Name: Drinking and Weightloss1
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Profile: This team is for people who want to keep alcohol in their diets but still lose weight and get in shape.

Last posted: Wednesday, September 01, 2010, 6:09 AM

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22yr old college student in Canada. From being at a plateau of +20 pounds overweight to suddenly being 50 over, within a year. I've been sporadically going to the gym for the past 5 months, but I give up really easily.

I'm 30+ and I spend most of my days and nights sitting on my butt. I work from home and tend to not eat all day, which just makes my body store fat. I need to get better at drinking a lot of water and eating regularly. I also need to learn to workout. I hate working out, but its necessary. Finally, my husband and I are wine collectors (over 100 bottles, many of which are aging). It's a significant investment, and joy, for us, and I refuse to cut wine out of my diet.

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