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Group Name: Monday Weigh-in!3
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Location: Anywhere, NY 11211


Profile: Visit this team every Monday to record your weight loss progress! Set up a thread on the community board, and keep track of yourself and everyone else, and offer encouragement. This is an online weightwatchers-style weigh-in for added motivation - please join in!

Last posted: Friday, October 14, 2011, 3:51 PM

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I am 29 and I am a full time Health and Physical education teacher in the city of Philadelphia, a Dean of students at my school, and I coordinate the after school tutoring program, so I am really busy. I am also getting my masters degree in education and my principals certification. I usually get up and work out every morning before school, but I have gotten a little lazy in the summer. I used to do Weight Watchers and it worked great, so I am hoping that this accountability will work again for me. I am a very muscular person, but I have a few extra pounds on the mid section that I would love to get rid of.

Baby boomer living in the Carolinas. Moved from Indy 3 1/2 years ago. Absolutely love life and the Carolinas, but my weight inhibits me a bit. I currently weigh 178 and am only 5'2". I would like to shed the extra pounds and start to feel better about myself. My husband and I enjoy volunteer work. We have done quite a bit since our move away from our families. I also love gardening.

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