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Group Name: Asians Breaking Weight Barriers5
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere, Planet Earth XOXOXO

Goals: Each one of us has our own personal goals, but the thing that unites us is the breaking of cultural stereotypes and our need to for support from other APIA men and women.... All are welcome, whether you need to gain or lose, or are recovering from an eating disorder because of family and cultural pressures!

Profile: We are Asians & APIA PEERtrainers! Join us for support in your journey to lose weight, get fit, and please your neurotic Asian mother. Already a size zero? Well, chances are your crazy mom still thinks your calves are too big. (it could be that she's still bitter that you didn't become a doctor). Vent out your frustrations here. We need more warriors in the Asian Weightloss Brigade. No matter what your size, we believe that healthy habits and exercise will make you feel good and gain confidence to take over the world. At the very least, it should get your mind off your crazy Asian family know, the ones who insist you eat another serving, but won't stop yakking about how you need to diet.

Last posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 4:40 PM

Other Info: This group is a lot of fun, and it's growing fast. If you are looking for more attention, we recommend you join Asian Outcasts II or III in addition to joining this team. That way, you'll get the support of both the "Asians Breaking Weight Barriers" team (that we hope will take over the world!) and the support of a smaller group to compliment it. Our picture is of the "Angry Little Asian Girl"... 2 birds up...Gotta love it!

Members profiles:
I'm fifteen and a sophomore in high school. When I was a wee child, my family constantly made fun of me for being overweight when in fact, I was not. Asian standards, I guess. Unfortunately I was only four and didn't know any better, so I believed them. I remember thinking "Whatever! I'm already fat so it doesn't matter," and stuffing my face with handfuls of Cocoa Puffs. I lived with that mindset for a really long time-- long enough for me to actually become overweight. Last year I started a diet and lost twenty pounds, and then I hit the plateau. The month right after I did, I went to go visit relatives in Taiwan. Then I just sort of lost it. Unused to the heat and humidity of Taiwan, I found it very hard to kick myself up and haul my lazy butt up to workout. Not to mention the food. Oh man, the super-cheap-super-bad-for-you food. So I'm starting again, but with extra gusto this time. (And dear family, please shut up. Your Asian cynicism doesn't help anything.)

I am a college student in California. I am spending my summer studying for the MCAT and getting healthy.

I'm a 30's professional male in NYC who is very health-conscious. I love food and cooking which is what gets me into trouble with my weight. I'm into Capoeira, biking, hiking and swimming. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do but I quit that since I hurt my knee. I'm looking to lose some of my everlasting baby fat and stay motivated.

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