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Group Name: PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus21
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Profile: This is a team for people who have been logging for a month or so and are starting to incorporate new strategies to meet their goals. The discussion in this team will focus on these things- Yoga, Running, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Nutrition and more.

Last posted: Saturday, May 26, 2007, 2:57 PM

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I'm 25 years old and run my own business out of my house which means I work long hours in front of a computer - I definitley don't get out as much as I like and, sadly, have become quite inactive in the past year as I made the switch from working outside the home. I am also going to grad school at night so don't have a lot of free time. I used to be very active in sports and would love to make it part of my life again.

I am 30 years old. Have been overweight since about 14. In the last 3 years I reached over 150 kg (my god, I can not believe it now, but it's true!) Since last year I have been reorganizing my eating habits and exercising. I have lost about 35 kg, so I have ~ 115 kg at the moment. However it seems that it's very difficult to loose these last 15-25 kg to reach my goal. I think I need some support! That's why I look forward to what I can get from this groups.

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