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Group Name: Monday Weigh-in!5
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Location: Anywhere, NY 11211


Profile: Visit this team every Monday to record your weight loss progress! Set up a thread on the community board, and keep track of yourself and everyone else, and offer encouragement. This is an online weightwatchers-style weigh-in for added motivation - please join in!

Last posted: Friday, October 14, 2011, 3:51 PM

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I'm just your average girl who one day woke up and realized that she didn't recognize herself anymore, saying things like, "I don't really care how I look". I almost had everyone fooled but myself. It wasn't until my mother (bless her) decided to put some salt on the wounds and be honest, that I realized that I needed to lose weight. To start this off, I should probably say that I have always been chunky. Things, however, had never gotten quite so out of control. Yeah, I was chunky but I was also active, thus I never felt like a blob. Things changed, however, when I entered an academically rigorous high school. I started putting my studies and the improvement (I dare call it) of my intellectual self before everything else, including my health. I left high school 10 times smarter but also 10 times heavier and with a well hidden low self-esteem. That summer after graduating from high school, I set a goal for myself, to lose weight. I signed up at the gym and my mom even paid for a personal trainer. Even though, I will admit, it was a pain in the ass sometimes, I started to see results, even if the pounds were being tenacious and dropping by small amounts. Then I had to go to college and put the trainer and gym on hold. That was my first mistake. I went away without having learned how to implement healthy eating and exercise into my everyday life. Needless to say the pounds came back and the saddest day of my life was when I couldn't fit those new jeans that I bought after losing some weight. But that is all going to change, I have no excuse now. Now I am back from college, called my trainer again, and will start on that road again. I took a leave of absence from college and will be returning fall 2008. I did this to really focus on what comes before everything else. My health and in turn, my peace of mind.

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