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Group Name: Bad Ass Sexy Amazons
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Profile: women warriors united in a goal to be healthy, fit and sexy as hell.

Last posted: Friday, July 11, 2014, 10:45 AM

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I work in health research, so know what to do, but applying it to my own life is the challenge! I've always struggled with my weight, and have often over time been a bit overweight. Prior to my first pregnancy (my daughter is now six) I was fit and a healthy weight of around 64kgs. However, three children later, plus lots of chocolate and stopping exercise, I am now at my heaviest. I am shockingly unfit, and finding that things like just getting up and down from the floor are an effort and that I am not able to keep up with my kids. I am also very concerned that obesity would lead to other conditions and that not only would I not have the energy to be the best mother I can be, but that it could take years off my life - and being an older mother of young children that is a scarey thought. So, I am restarting my journey to regaining my health and functional fitness.

I'm just shy of 30, married with a dog. I've struggled with weight issues most of my life. About 2 years ago, I lost 50 pounds (230 down to 180), and I've done well with keeping that weight off until recently. In the last several months, my job has become increasingly stressful and I am starting to gain again. It's time to address my need for consistent healthy practices, despite unpredictable hours!

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