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Group Name: This Moment
Members: 3
Location: anywhere, WA 99347

Goals: To focus on what makes us genuinely healthy, happy & energetic. To support each others efforts & hold each other accountable when needed. To inspire & share.

Profile: Lose whatever it takes to look & feel healthy. Eating a substantial quantity of raw & natural foods daily. Exercise & drinking our water. With a focus on lessening our intake of GMOs , processed foods & non organic meats. This group is about HEALTH and accountability.

Last posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 6:11 PM

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I am 62 years old, a married mother of 3 grown daughters, grandmother of 4 children. After fabulous initial success with PeerTrainer in 2012 (down over 40 lbs) I have experienced 3 incremental gains in the past year (vacations and 2 Christmases) that resulted in a 24 lb total increase. It has not been "easy come, easy go". Rather, my body seems to want to hang on desperately to every one of those pounds. So that's where I'm at. Would LOVE to rediscover the resolve I had in the beginning. Going to England in April and want to be back at my end of 2012 weight by then.

Ever since i began high school i started eating too much i went from losing a lot of weight to gaining double of what i lost.

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