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Group Name: There for each other
Members: 2
Location: anywhere 00000

Goals: a group of members who know it's easier to travel the road to change with others around to say "Well done!" or "Pick yourself back up!"

Profile: This is a group for folks who post regularly, and want to support other group members in the high and low points of the fitness/weight loss journey.

Last posted: Saturday, September 07, 2013, 9:38 AM

Other Info: Please join only if you plan to contribute regularly.

Members profiles:
41 year old female tired of the up and downs of this weight loss cycle and ready to make the necessary life style changes to kick this weight loss issue once and for all. i'm ready to take this challenge on head on and win!

I'm 27 years old and living in Ontario, Canada. I've been a member of PT for 8 years, with some breaks, but I'm back, because I really missed logging. I love boxing - I got into it 4 months ago and am so glad I joined a community of people who work hard and really strive for what they want. It's truly a little family at the club. I've decided to leave though, and join a more regular gym (alot less pricey) - and I like it there too. Just saw a naturopath, and learnt that I'm lactose intolerant and mildly intolerant to gluten. It's a challenge creating a new life around those parameters. Looking for friends on PT to help with support!

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