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Group Name: Fit Skeptics
Members: 1
Location: V3T0G1

Goals: 1) fat loss 2) muscle gain 3) cardiovascular fitness 4) support and humour --- Tactics: 1) list goals 2) list specifically how group members can help us 3) log daily 4) at least weekly comment on what is going on for ourselves 5) at least weekly comment on other's logs and respond to comments 6) and always keep a great sense of humour. We can laugh at ourselves.

Profile: Who we are: 1) committed loggers 2) comment at least once per week 3) take an interest in the other group members' performance and issues. 4) skeptics who back up all claims with evidence 5) if a group member claims something is true ("x is good or bad for you) without providing evidence, then it is completely cool for another group member to politely ask "what is the evidence of that?". We can all laugh at ourselves sometimes and say "oops, I I really don't have evidence - sorry!")

Last posted: Saturday, July 06, 2013, 11:30 AM

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Link to my Livestrong daily food log: I have never been athletic, but I've never been as unhealthy as I am right now. A couple of years ago I went back to school to become an accountant, then started an extremely stressful job AND dove into some major household renovations. My health took a nose-dive at that point because I didn't give myself enough time to take care of myself. I am a natural researcher, and have read up on almost every health trend, fad and "fact" that has been presented on the internet, but now I would like to make it happen.

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