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Group Name: Teens!
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Location: Phoenix, AZ 85027

Goals: Im a sophmore in highschool and I gained soo much weight from the fatty foods in the cafeteria. In the beginning of he year i was about 159 lbs at5'6 now i weighed myself recently and now im 142. I dont see a difference but everyone has been telling me I look smaller but inside I feel larger which is ver awkward. I wan to be atleasr 135 for a sweet sixteen march 22. I want to know if is possible. Can someone message me with ideas.

Profile: Open to any teen who wants to lose some weight and get support in doing so.

Last posted: Friday, July 11, 2014, 9:31 AM

Other Info: Umm..i didn't write the sophmore thing, I don't live in Phoenix, i live in Australia.. someone else did. I joined this and I have no idea who wrote the thing up the top but obviously i would like to.

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