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Group Name: Working towards 182
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Profile: We want to lose weight and fit in exercise on a regular basis. We support each other with encouraging comments and read each other's logs.

Last posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 6:18 AM

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I'm 35, height 5'5.5", weight was 238 lbs in March 2014. Important milestones that I hope to cross. To reach 224 lbs - that is 16 stone! To reach 219 lbs - finally be under 100kg! To reach 214 lbs - that's 10% lost! To reach 210 lbs - 15 stone! To reach 202 lbs - that's 15% lost! To reach 199 lbs - onederland! To reach 196 lbs - 14 stone. To reach 190 lbs - that's 20% lost! To reach 182 lbs - end of obesity, and 13 stone. To reach 178 lbs - that's 25% lost! To reach 168 lbs - 12 stone and close to 30% lost! To reach 154 lbs - 11 stone. And then: to reach 152lbs - "normal" BMI for 5'5.5" height. Eventually reach my lowest weight of 138 lbs again (that was me in late 2007/early 2008 - that is middle of "normal" for my height, and means my clothes fit well).

I am 48 (50 now) year old married, working mother with a teenage son still at home. I have always struggled with my weight and have lost a large amount of lbs. several times but I gain the weight back plus another 15 lbs. I have been making small changes over time and I am feeling much more energetic.

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