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Profile: I am doing Fast-5 and it is working for great me, but my other group members don't get it. I would love to have a couple friends on the same path. If you are following Fast-5 (or similar) please join in.

Last posted: Saturday, July 19, 2014, 9:45 AM

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39 yr old mother of 4 daughters, working part-time I've read Eat to Live and Eat for Health, The Starch Solution, The Virgin Diet, Almost Vegetarian, In Defense of Food, and others. I went through the PT Point of No Return and Emotional Eating. On a journey of learning to cook mostly dairy & wheat-free, and nutritarian. I used to think I ate well--lots of veggies, lean meats, and low-fat dairy. Followed (loosely) the South Beach Diet for nearly 8 years with some success but lately the weight was creeping back on. ETL has turned that around and given me tools (mentally & literally) to bring back my health and youth. Hardest thing for me is finding foods my kids will eat too so I'm not making 2 meals every night. My husband has high cholesterol and is overweight--his frustrations and failure to stick to not snacking often lead me to snack right along with him. I'm a night-eater. Hardest habit to kick:nuts and chocolate--they're my gate-way drusg. I can't just have a bite. For exercise I use a stationary bike we have at home for intervals, run once or twice a week with a friend, and use some resistance bands and free weights for strength training (at home). Someday I'd love to be able to get to a gym but we live in the country and the time factor between work and kids is just too much of a barrier at this point. Challenge: to not stress about the length of time or intensity of the exercise, but be happy with even just a 20 minute work out so I can maintain a daily routine.

I have tried a lot of exercise programs from P90x to wii nfl ea sports, boot camp, running, unfortunately I go in spruts, would like support.

I'm a 44 year old mom in the process of launching two teens and embracing the next season of my life. I will be reentering the workplace soon and need to have a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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