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Group Name: Turning Over a New Leaf/Daily Commitment
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Profile: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT JOINING THIS GROUP UNLESS YOU LOG AND/OR COMMENT AT LEAST EVERY OTHER DAY! This is for busy professionals who need a place to log and comment daily. We all know how busy our work commitments can be, right? But let's put our health first and focus here as well as we focus at work.

Last posted: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 10:47 AM

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I am a professional living in Greater Vancouver, BC. I am 4' 11.5"(151 cm) and small framed, so my RMR is very low and I burn far fewer calories in exercise. I might mention here that the bit of brain which controls appetite strongly believes that I am a 6'8" lumberjack. Other important tidbits about me: - I stay in groups in which we mutually support each other. - I am completely open to new ideas if evidence based ("woo-woo" is not cool) - see below "what I need help with" section.

I moved to LA in 2005 to pursue acting. I was never fat--or never realized I wasn't fat, but I was never overweight, but fluctuated as low as 109 and as high as 140, normally between 115-135, and then I took medication that I reacted badly to and was all the way up to 163 in the fall of 2014, at the age of 39, after never weighing more than 140 before (and thinking 140 was horrific).

You can read my log: I = icandoit276. But I summarize my totals here anyway. 50+ year old married male profesional with 2 kids on the LEFT Coast of USA What works for me: 1. Daily logging of cals and exc 2. Low fat meals 3. Commenting on PEERTrainer 4. Planning the food I eat 5. Beck-style awareness 6. Hypertrophy of my resistance muscle 7. Keeping goals in mind: health, longevity, good looks and good shape, staying around for wife and kids, avoiding stroke, heart attack, cancer

I'm 53; I like running and cycling; I'm a vegetarian who teaches English composition and critical thinking at the local community college. I have two daughters 19 and 23.

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