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Group Name: Night Club
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Location: Anywhere 00000


Profile: First rule of Night Club- no one talks about Night Club! This team is for people who gave food issues at night- or any other issues. Hopefully we can get the discussions going from 7pm onwards.

Last posted: Friday, April 27, 2007, 9:24 PM

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33, female, 1 child, married. I am 151 pounds.

I used to be self-employed as a personal trainer. That made it easy to keep active and in turn maintain my weight. Since changing jobs about seven years ago it's been a slow creep up the scale. My downfall is most definitely after supper snacking!

I enjoy being very active running and using the elliptical. I am a neatfreak. I am engaged to my military boyfriend. I work in a busy physiotherapy clinic. I have consistently exercised since I started 7years ago and first really got fit and lost weight. Throughout that time it's been the eating that's been a challenge. I am really hoping knowing I'm not the only one with this struggle and accountability will help me stay motivated to eat healthy food in healthy moderation.

I work graveyard at a desk job and am a full time student. I've been heavy since childhood and I'm ready to change.

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