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Group Name: Weight Watchers Fall Challenge30
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere 00000

Goals: Goal for this team is focus on weight loss by November 21st! Write down your goal publicly in our team community and everyone keeps everyone else on track between now and then.

Profile: We are a team that follows the WW system (Core, Flex, Points). We log each day keeping us accountable to ourselves. The members of the group help each other each day, keeping everyone supported and motivated. And there is no Weekly Fee! Right now we are going to do a challenge to shed some pounds by the fall. When you join, please introduce yourself!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:45 AM

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When i went to college i weighed a meeger 144 pounds now after a year at school i've ballooned up to 165, i look in the mirror and it saddens me. All of my clothing will not fit and i am refusing to go out to buy clothes that will fit, so i basically wear the same things repeatidly. I will never wear jeans because i have a total of 2 pairs out of 15 that fit, i'm depressed with my appearance and my meltdown last night on my anniversary due to lack of clothing options has made me realize how out of control my weight has truly become.

Middle Aged Grad Student / Engineer with three and a lovely wife.

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