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Group Name: LOSE 100 POUNDS15
Members: 4
Location: Schenectady, NY 12304

Goals: To lose 50 pounds and then another 50!!

Profile: Hey do you want or need to lose around 100 pounds? Lets share and motivate each other. This is a hard road to travel. Let's do this together.

Last posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 12:57 PM

Other Info: I am 51 and need to lose 100 pounds. I have high blood pressure and am at risk for a heart attack and stroke - neither of which I want! I am looking for support and encouragement.

Members profiles:
Turning 50 in August of 06. Nearly had stroke last October. Doctor says I need to lose mucho weight, have only managed to drop about 10 lbs. since last Oct.

I'm a musician who plays jazz. I like to read historical fiction and have two cats who could both stand to lose a little weight.

35 year old, single, no kids, living in the desert

I am a 33 year old, single female. I am hoping that this will be my last, SUCCESSFUL, attempt at losing weight. I am 5'4", and my goal weight is 140 lbs. I will have a "norma" BMI with that weight. At my heaviest I weighed around 250 or 260. I was able to bring my weight down to 200, but went back up to 220 in the last 6 months due to work-relates stress. Reminder, goal is 140 lbs, that is approximately 80 lbs off. I plan to take it 10 lbs at a time...

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