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Group Name: Weight Watchers Fusion
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere 00000

Goals: 1) For each team member feel motivated and supported, each day. 2) Daily logging of food, points and exercise--this is the foundation of long term weight loss success, and developing this habit is a goal. 3) Create an environment where each person feels like they can get anything off their chest. 4) Have Fun!! Having an active team support you in your journey is extremely motivating.

Profile: This is a team for those who follow the fundamentals of weight watchers and beyond. This is also for those who want to get support and motivation more than once a week. Each team member is encouraged to be as vocal as possible. Join us!

Last posted: Friday, May 25, 2007, 9:51 AM

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I am a former active person. Always played sports in college and high school, but have become increasingly lazy over the last 3 years. I know how to lose weight (I previously lost 25 lbs over 5 months with WW), but I just have little motivation. However, I am starting to become disgusted with my eating and exercise habits, and I know it's time to step things up.

I am 42 yrs old and a mother of two (21 and 18 yrs old)...both away at college. I lost over 20 lbs several years ago and 10 lbs have creeped back on. Since I'm petite (5'1"), a little weight gain is noticable to me. I work full-time and love to garden and cook in my spare time.

I'm a 21 yr old college student. I've been a student athlete for the past three years, and although I'm in good shape, I need to lose about 20 lbs.

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