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Group Name: Women 30 and Up3
Members: 2
Location: Philaelphia Suburbs, PA 19054


Profile: Lose 20-30lbs. Get healthy, slim and sexy!

Last posted: Sunday, August 20, 2006, 10:20 AM

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I'm funny, witty, sarcastic, open-minded and silly. I'm 30 but I look and act a lot younger and am often mistaken for an 18-21 year old which I won't deny I LOVE. I used to be in great shape but I guess you could say I "let myself go" over the last several years. I tend to hide it very well so people don't believe how much I've put on when I tell them. None of my friends realize how self-conscious I am at the moment but it's really starting to affect my life negatively, particularly when it comes to intimacy.

Im 39 years old and have been struggling with my weight for too long!

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