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Group Name: Single and Kid-less9
Members: 3
Location: Anywhere 00000


Profile: This team is for singles who are not married or in a relationship and do not have any children. Only we know the challenges of being single and kid-less! This team is for singles who want to lose weight or tone up!!!

Last posted: Monday, May 24, 2010, 11:13 PM

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I'm 24 and have never been able to run due to ankle injuries but I think the couch to 5K program will build up the indurance so I can run without injury.

I have been up and down with my weight my whole life.... mostly up. I am a 36 year old physician (So I should know better right?). I am looking for Mr. Right-for-me. I am a very well rounded woman and am usually the life of the party. A lot of people tell me I am beautiful....but I don't see it.... I can't help but wonder where I would be if I were a 'normal' weight. To top things off I was diagnosed with diabetes last year.

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