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Group Name: Team St Louis1
Members: 4
Location: St Louis, MO 63146

Goals: This format is highly effective for losing weight. It is like a weight watchers meeting, but online, anonymous, free and every day. Please sign up and join us.

Profile: This is a local, online and free weight loss support group for people in the St. Louis area. Meet online, in person, dinners-- what ever you want, this is team to join if you are socially inclined! Also, if you are not in the area, but stumble upon this group on the internet, PEERtrainer is free to join, and has groups and teams all over the country.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:10 AM

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I am a 27 year old woman , mother of 3 , i use to be a dancer and also was in track and field, at the age of 21 I learned i was bipolor, I went into a deep depression for about 5 years i put on about 50 pounds , i now am out of that stage of my life and cant wait to get back to the old me!

i am 53yrs. i am also married to a wonderful guy.

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer at age 27 in Nov. of 2006 and I gained 30 pounds during my chemo and radiation treatments, due to the steroids in all the meds I was on. I am still on them but I feel more active now and am ready to shed those extra pounds plus a few more.

I am 19 and almost done with college majoring in Medical billing and coding

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