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Group Name: To Be Thinner In Texas
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Location: Anywhere in Texas, TX 77381


Profile: If you live in Texas, join us! We will celebrate milestones in our weightloss and journeys together by meeting in person one day!

Last posted: Friday, February 05, 2010, 9:59 AM

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I am 35, never married and no kids. I have a very cute dog who makes it only once around the block before he wants to go home. I drop him off and head back out. Dietwise: I am an emotional eater. It is a hobby when I am bored, a number when I am hurting, a distraction when I am frustrated and feel out of control. I am not happy that I make my body work so hard to digest so much at once.

28 yr old female. Tech Support desk position does not lead to active lifestyle. Will turn 30 next year and want to do it looking and feeling great. Want to make cardio and resistance training workouts a part of everyday life

I am a 42 yr old grandmother of 3 boys and am not active at all. I drive a special ed bus all day.

Turning 60 this July. I lost 28 lbs walking around the little city of Oxnard and climbing stairs to a 3rd floor apartment when I went to live with my Navy son for all of 2006. I also cut out all sodas! Drink lots of water and tea. Now, I am back home and there are no stairs to climb on a daily basis. I'm afraid I'll put the weight back on.

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