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Group Name: Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie23
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Last posted: Saturday, January 23, 2010, 9:01 AM

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Im a married, mother of a 12 month old that loves the outdoors and nature. I have been over weight my whole life. im 5ft 8 inches and I weighted 190lbs at age 16. i lost weight at age 18 and maintained 160 lbs for about 10 years. i got married and gained 20 lbs and had a baby and gained 10. I'm at the breaking point. I weigh 190lbs and I look bad and feel bad. I really hope that the support works. I have no will power

I am 27, recently married and I have been on weight watchers for over a year now. I started it with a friend at my old job... and then changed jobs... she and I would push each other to eat right etc. but at my new job it has become difficult since no one here believes ww can work!! I am just looking for other ppl to motivate me so that I don't fall back into bad eating habits again. I achieved my goal weight last year, have gained a bit since I then and hope to go back to my goal again...soon

I am a 25 yr old mother of a 1yr old. Married to a extremely talented music producer. We live in Nashville and love every minute of it. I gained a wopping 50lbs during my pregnancy. I have lost 30lbs over the year not really doing anything. I guess I thought the weight would just fall off. Any how I am wanting to loose the last 20lbs ASAP! I have done weight watchers before, so I know how the point system works. I am very excited to get my old body back!!

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