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Group Name: The 5-5-5 Plan
Members: 4
Location: 92122


Profile: Walk or run 5 miles/5 days a week/for 5 weeks. Lose at least 5 pounds!

Last posted: Friday, December 15, 2006, 10:58 AM

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Just trying to stay accountable. 25 years old and in Miami, when I am here! Once stuck to an extreme workout schedule but have slacked off recently due to my erratic work schedule and constant traveling.....having trouble adjusting my old lifestyle to my new one. Would love to be back to running about 30 miles/ week like before!

I am 28, and love to run long distance. I ran one marathon, on Dec 10 in Las Vegas and have plans to run many more. As far as weight loss goes, I could lose about five pounds.

I am a single mom, vegan, radical politics.

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