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Group Name: Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!7
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Profile: This group is for women trying to get to the place they'd like to be health-wise prior to getting pregnant, women trying-to-conceive, women that are currently pregnant and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their pregnancy, and women post-pregnancy trying to get back into shape. Please join us in health talk, baby talk, and everything in between!

Last posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 7:22 PM

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I am 33 years old. I've been married for 3 years. No kids - yet (that is part of why I want to lose weight). I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (in Canada) where I work three jobs within the local health region (ironic, isn't it).

I am a 29 yr. old stay at home mom with 3 beautiful girls (7-5-2). They keep me running.

I am 24 going on 25 and very overweight... I work in a 911 Dispatch center where I am tied to a desk, phone, radio for 8-10 hours a day...

I'm a first time Work at Home mom. I find since I have quit my job to work at home, and even moreso, since I weaned my daughter the weight is coming on with a vengeance. I live in the middle of nowhere, with a serious meat eater, and have a hard time sticking to things due to lack of support and a serious difference between what's called for on a diet and what my husband will eat. Looking for support and people to work with to make this a life long habit, automatic ~ don't have to think about it eating.

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