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Group Name: 100+ lbs Healthier
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Location: St. Petersburg, FL 33703

Goals: Daily Themes:..... Motivational Monday - What motivates you?...... Tuesday Tips - any tips, health, workout, etc..... Wacky Wednesday - Links, jokes, stories, etc for a laugh. Keep it clean and not insultive........ Thankful Thursday - Things we are thankful for....... Friday Fun - Share something fun to do over the weekend end.

Profile: A group for those who have a long way to go until they reach their goal weight, around 100 or more pounds. Sometimes it's just easier to be understood, inspired, and motivated when those around you know exactly what you're going through. However, only looking for those who want to lose it healthily and properly, meaning slow, steady, and safely.

Last posted: Monday, February 27, 2006, 5:49 AM

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