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Group Name: The Power of Three3
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Profile: A team based on forming new habits: pick three things each month to focus on and change.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:30 AM

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I am about to turn 30 . I have 11 year old twins and am married. My goals are to lose weight while improving my overall health and wellness.

Lost 70 lbs and gained back 20 when I returned from a year long trip. Going cycling around the big Island in February with my two best friends (both are male and daily riders). I tend to place bets with other girlfriends to keep myself on plan but I know once we crack I fall & the hardest part is getting back to my exercise & healthy eating routine. I don’t have time to falter now…it’s crunch time ;-) ps - 30ish engineer whose most frustrating hurdle is winter weight gained through hibernating out the Canadian winter.

Animal lover. I have a horse, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a man. He's the hardest to maintain. He doesn's show love like they do and his love is conditional. Oh well, I am a free spirited loving person so I keep him too. I am a spiritual thinker, I love music and writing, so I do that too. I think it's age that has slowly added weight to me, it first started in New York state when I was 35, a car accident left me with severe back problems. I am better now but not as active as I use to be. I want to incorporate yoga in my life again. I did yoga in my early teens and in my 20's. It's good stuff. Nightbird

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