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Group Name: need to lose 100 plusers
Members: 4
Location: , PA 43701

Goals: i need to lose 125 pounds in 6 months

Profile: need to lose 100+ lbs, lacking motivation to start, depressed, wants to live a healthier life, afraid obesity is realliy starting to catch up and affect health

Last posted: Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 10:53 AM

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I'm a lifelong dieter. The sad thing is I'm really good at it ... I always can lose most all of the excess weight ... but, it always comes back and brings a few extra pounds for company. This time I just can't get motivated ... help me!

28 year old schoolteacher, no children, looking to lose weight for health and aesthetic reasons.

I am 30 year old and live in the Bay Area. I have a lot of weight to loose (100+). At this point in my life I am getting fed up about my excuses and circumstances, yet I still do not have the motivation to adapt a healthier lifestyle. I know if I dont live a healthy lifestyle my health is going to take a beating as I grow older. I want to go back to school, yet I feel disgusted. And also I am enbarking on a new career. I want to be able to feel acomplished (with my weight) and to be able to empower myself and others.

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