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Group Name: Curves Fitness for Women
Members: 4
Location: Queens, NY 11370

Goals: Our goals range anywhere from losing weight, toning up, staying in shape and feeling healthy!

Profile: For women who are members at Curves Fitness! Share ideas, recipes, stories, motivation ect. :)

Last posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2010, 10:51 PM

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I was LARGE. I used to weigh 220 lbs. I lost 80 lbs on my own doing my own thing. Which required LOTS of reading, researching and annoying my Mom with nutritional info. She would hide cake and eat it on the low so I wouldnt say "HOW COULD YOU BUY THIS!?". I will overanalyze ingredients in everything before purchasing it. Im a Nutrional Nazi.

I am 45, married for 21 years, have four teenaged daughters, and I work from home. I enjoy knitting, reading, walking and playing games with my girls, I love to watch movies and love different kinds of music. I used to sing in a christian group, but occassionally sing in church.

I just turned 45 - I've been fairly thin for most of my life. I gained 10-15 pounds when I quit smoking, two years ago. I also lost my father to cancer last August and have put on another 15 pounds since then. I have two children - a 16 year old daughter and 4 year old son; and a wonderful husband.

I'm a working mom, nearly 47 years old, married w/a 7 year old son. My job consists of sitting at a desk for about 8 hours & then I'm basically on the run from there on in doing housework, etc. I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country so its lots of dough and big plates of food. I also come from a family that believes that you are not happy unless you eat in abundence.

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