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Group Name: weightloss, health, menopause,overweight 175 plus
Members: 3
Location: houston, TX 77038

Goals: To learn to eat well and exercise plus lose weight

Profile: This is for people like me that want to lose weight and are serious about doing this. It is for support, comfort and goal setting and mastering. If you are not willing to participate in your weight loss then this is not the room for you!!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 2:03 AM

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I fix computers. I used to like food a little to much. Now I like the good foods. I still struggle a lot. I have learned that grain foods that are high in fiber are filling and wont let you get hungry. I love Kashi cereals. I also learned that when you look at the end result you fail. I have learned that one pound at a time. It is more realistic and more achievable.

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