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Group Name: Awesome in Arizona
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Profile: If you live in Arizona, then this team is for you!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:43 AM

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I do not like to exercise. I find it hard to find the time and energy to maintain any program. However, I just hit 30 this year and am still carrying around baby weight from my youngest who is 6 YEARS OLD!! LOL I decided to join peertrainer to find the motivation to care more about what I eat and what I do to my body.

I am the mom of 3 small kids. 3.5yrs, 2yrs, and 3 weeks old. I am desperately mourning the loss of my pre-baby body and hoping to get it back !

Hello! I am a Mom of three little girls, wife to a Navy man, and a Registered Nurse on the side. Been overweight all my life, except for the year before I joined the Navy and then the first year of being in the Navy. After I got married to my hubby and we planned our first child, I started packing the pounds back on and let me just say they haven't left since! I love the beautiful children I have but I sure wish they had taken some of the baby fat with them when they left my body! hahaha Hoping that the beautiful weather and blue skies of Yuma Az will help me to not be depressed and get out there to lose this weight. Ohhh and my little sis's wedding is ONE YEAR away and I have to look good for her special day!

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