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Group Name: Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability29
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Location: Anywhere 00000

Goals: 1) For each team member feel motivated and supported, each day. 2) Daily logging of food, points and exercise--this is the foundation of long term weight loss success, and developing this habit is a goal. 3) Weekly checks of progress. 4) Have Fun!! We are an active and motivating bunch. h

Profile: Team for people following weight watchers and any other program who would like to "weigh in" each week. Daily journling will keep you accountable to yourself, and the group will keep you supported and motivated. When you log your food and exercise, you are 70% more likely to meet your goals. It is highly effective, and the group interaction makes it fun. We will be organizing weekly challenges, and otherwise have fun with each other!

Last posted: Friday, January 29, 2016, 11:56 AM

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I am a 54 yr young private pediatric nurse who has let go and gained weight again. I have lost over 100 pounds not once but twice!!! I got my wake up call when I found out my cholesterol is 263. My father had 4 heart attacks and 5 heart bypasses---I DO NOT WANT TO BE A REPEAT PREFORMANCE OF MY FATHER! I want to be around to enjoy all my grandchildren. I have started dieting seriously in the past 4 months and have already lost 35 pounds.

I am 23yrs old and have been loosing and then gaining weight again since i can remember. I just want to develop healthy eating patterns and loose the weight ive gained yet again. Most of all I would like to be able just not to think about food all the time.

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