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Group Name: The Power of Three4
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Profile: A team based on forming new habits: pick three things each month to focus on and change.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:30 AM

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Last year my life changed -- new job, new house, less friends, no husband -- and my outlook on life changed for the better. In January, I realized that I was not a size 12 but actually a size 6 and probably had been that size for years. That was refreshing. The problem is that 1 year later, I really AM a size 12 :P There is nothing I would take back about 2006 except the calories. Hopefully, this is my chance to take back those pounds and be more confident in my appearance again. The confidence only existed a few months before I let myself go and started gaining weight, but I liked my appearance then and I know I can get it back.

I am 47 , divorced and I am also doing Weight Watchers. I commute and so my days are fairly long. I often use that as my excuse for not working out. I need to find my routine again with regard to exercise and healthy eating. I like belonging to a "team" and I always do much better in organized events that hold me accountable .

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