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Group Name: 50/60's Teachers
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere 53214

Goals: To commit to healthy eating, regular exercise, daily posting and giving support.

Profile: We are a supportive group that posts and logs everyday. Three of us are teachers , all in our early 50s. If you are committed to your journey, willing to post everyday and be supportive, please join us.

Last posted: Monday, November 11, 2013, 1:17 PM

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I am 60, married, a mother of five handsome young men, and a deaf ed teacher. I like to walk for exercise. I need to work out more with weights. I like to read. I want to lose about 25 more pounds.

I am a 57, and have accomplished many of my goals in life, with the exception of attaining a healthy weight. My life is full with a wonderful family, terrific friends and a great career. I'm a former special education teacher, now developing a center in a large, university medical center to support the needs of children with chronic and end-of-life (palliative) care needs, and their families. I work long, unpredicatable hours and have bad knees and feet. Knee replacement is recommended by my orthopod, but risks are higher with excess weight. I want to reduce the possibility of poor outcomes/blood clot/infection. Need to lose weight and strenghen my quadriceps. I tend to start healthy living plans with enthusiasm, but fall off the wagon reatlively soon thereafter. For the first time, I feel ready to change my lifestyle, rather than simply going on a diet. Here I go.... ready to succeed!!

Okay, I just spent an hour filling this out! so I will give you the abbreviated version. 56,English teacher, work too much, duh! Like to read, anything, well almost anything. Love art looking at it and doing it. Been teaching for 22 years, hope to retire in 8 more years.

Just turned 50. In response to some family trouble 2 years ago, I put on 40 pounds and have not taken it all off again. I teach high school English to at-risk kids. Divorced for almost five years, I have two daughters -- a 20-year-old and a 15-year-old -- and a lovely male friend. I enjoy my life very much, but do not like the weight I'm carrying around.

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