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Group Name: Coast to Coast1
Members: 4
Location: Newbury, MA 01951

Goals: Walk Virtually across Europe. We are going from Copenhagen to Naples! Log your miles weekly to the common thread. get ready for Spring- start walking now!

Profile: Walk with us (virtually) from Copenhagen to Naples Join us anywhere along the way!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:02 AM

Other Info: Any type of exercise can be converted to mileage for the team- treadmill, biking, walking, elliptical, rebounding, skiing, snowshoeing etc. It's fun. We have already gone across the US (LA to Boston) and Australia!

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44, F, OR RN

Ten years ago, when I turned 40, I began running marathons. Since that time I've completed 21 of them. In 2005 I lost my job and retreated to the couch (with lots of ice cream). I gained 30 pounds, which I've been lugging around ever since. Fast forward to 2007, I have a great job and life is good. Unfortunately, I am still carrying around these extra 30 pounds. It's time to ditch this "couch" weight and move on.

I am a teacher in Special Education and am currently working on my PhD. I am single with no children, I come from a large family and have lots of neices and nephews. I love to travel, and am generally a happy person with a positive outlook on things. Losing the weight is the final frontier-being free of it will be my proudest accomplishment.

45yr old 15 over, more like 20 but 15 will have me happy

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