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Group Name: Forty is the New 302
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Profile: A team for people in or around their 40's ...

Last posted: Monday, June 09, 2014, 3:49 AM

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I live in Alaska, where I work as an ecologist for a federal agency. I am 41, fairly fit and athletic, but lately seem to have done nothing but gain weight! Having a job where I spend a lot of time at the computer has been a killer for me.

I am 39 and female. Have completely given up on exercising since I moved to Boston about 5 years ago and the effect shows in my girth and in my general health (mental acuity, concentration, etc.). My job as a researcher means that I have a very unstructured work life - which is good for the time flexibility it offers but bad because it "never ends". There is ALWAYS something hanging over my head (research deadlines, grading etc.), so I always have an excuse for not working out. I bring work home, I stay at work till late, etc.

I am a 41 year old mother of 2 and married for 15 years. As far as exercise goes, I've been pretty dormant for the past 2 years relying on my active job to stay fit. Now that I've been promoted (good thing), my job is not so active anymore and I'm noticing the 'spread'.

I work at a university- research and teaching. A perpetual student, I guess. I am pretty active, but gave up excercising regularly after graduate school. The weight has been came on after I had a kid at 40, and also after having some health issues. I would really like to fit back into my betsy johnson and other cool clothing. We'll see....

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