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Group Name: 40 years young gals who are ready to rev up their metabolism!
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Location: Los Angeles, CA 90064

Goals: To lose 13% body fat, gain muscle, and have the scale reflect whatever number that is! To embrace exercise, food logging, as part of my every day lifestyle, and to have fun while doing it!

Profile: Hello everyone! I am a 43 year old woman, who is a health care consultant. I had a big weight gain about 4 years ago(50 pounds) and HAD been struggling with how to release it from my body, as it has been a slow moving effort based on entering my forties and the metabolism slow down, and hormonal shifts. I have recently finished a 5 week (gentle, no screaming ) bootcamp, and exercised harder than I ever have in my life! I do metabolism testing every month(I also do this with my clients) and have managed to move my way up from a SLOW metabolism, to the normal range. I would love to connect with folks who are interested in pro active, positive support, not only here online, but who may want to meet for group exercise. Thanks!

Last posted: Sunday, September 04, 2005, 9:24 PM

Other Info: I am a Spiritual Therapist, who incorporates positive thinking in my practice, and supports others in using loving and supportive languaging in their self communication, so as to manifest like same results. We get to transform bad body thoughts into positive affirmations.

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