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Group Name: Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!14
Members: 4
Location: anywhere, TX anywhere

Goals: To deal with binges and make it a thing of the past in our lives.

Profile: The is a team for people who have a problem with binges or seriously cheating on their "diets." We are not talking about having a treat once in a while. Anyone should have the OCCASIONAL treat. This is a place where you will find support. You should log not only your regular food and your cheats/binges , but also you should log why you think you cheated/binged and how you were feeling when you cheated/binged. Logging helps us to get real with ourselves and overcome our hurdles. So, even if you want to keep your notes and comments private, still log them in the personal notes section. It really does help to get it out. It also helps to have a record to reflect on to guide change for the better. This is also a place where cheaters/bingers hopefully will acquire a more healthy lifestyle. We hope to exchange the word 'diet' for 'lifestyle' as we implement healthy habits. This is not a place for judgement. It is a place for encouragement and support. We will read each others' logs and offer positive support to each other and vent, if we need to. We are all here for the same reason. Don't worry about judgement. This is a team where we will give and receive compassion.

Last posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 3:50 PM

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I just graduated with a BA in Political Science from Washington State University! Go Cougs! I am starting a sweet career and will be moving to San Francisco in early Feb!

I'm in my mid-20s and am a vegetarian. I'm in grad school (again) and work part-time. I tend to obsess over things--and not in a good way!

I'm a homemaker, mother of autistic twin boys, a doula at a local hospital and I have really got to lose some weight. Heart issues, binge eating issues, depression issues, walking up steps without everyone hearing me huff issues, and not having a butt that looks like an elephant from the back and actually moves on its own. I hate to catch a glance of myself walking in a window or God forbid I see a picture of myself from the back.

I'm a 28 year old mother of one. I'm married and I work from home part time. My weight right now is 166 and I haven't been this big since I was pregnant with my son almost 10 years ago. I've always had problems with my weight, but I was always able to shed the extra pounds. Now I put the weight on and it keeps going up. I think that most of my weight problems are due to the fact that I'm depressed and all I do is sit at home on the couch and have no energy. I want to get back down to a size 5 : ) I don't eat healty and I drink lots of soda. Junk food and sweets are one of major problems.

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