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Group Name: Let's Get Healthy!!
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Profile: Lose the weight, increase your fitness level, and just become healthy overall. ACTIVE POSTERS ONLY PLEASE!! I won't say you have to log and comment every single day, but please only join if you can do so the majority of the time. Thank you!! :)

Last posted: Friday, August 03, 2007, 9:26 AM

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I am 68 yrs. old and am a retired music teacher I taught for 35 yrs. Mostly in innercity schools. I am active and love retirement. One of the ways I treat myself is to go for a massage and sometimes we go 4 times a month. We go to 2 privately and 2 to the Lakeside School of Massage where we have a student. These kids are good we have been going 4 yrs. and have never had a real bad massage. To help control my arthritis of the knees I go to 3 acupunture treatments a month.and I have been married 37 yrs.

43 years young. Have Yo yo'd with 10-20 pounds forever, although as I get older it tends to the 20 not the ten. Enjoy working out, cycling, tris. Teach spinning classes (for fun - not much $ there) and want to be the healthy looking role model I like to see up in the front.

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