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Group Name: Monday Weigh-in!16
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Location: Anywhere, NY 11211


Profile: Visit this team every Monday to record your weight loss progress! Set up a thread on the community board, and keep track of yourself and everyone else, and offer encouragement. This is an online weightwatchers-style weigh-in for added motivation - please join in!

Last posted: Friday, October 14, 2011, 3:51 PM

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I'm 48 and have always thought that I had a weight problem of course now looking back at picture of myself 20 years ago I only wish I was that fat again. I'm 5'4" and when I started this new way of eating I was 179 lbs. I'm in my 3rd week and have lost 6 pounds.

Hi- I'm a fairly active 64 yr old who feels younger than that- I walk every day or I'm cranky. I play tennis twice a month indoors in winter-I have eleven grandchildren which includes two sets of twins in one family- ( I like to visit them as there's no time to snack- or sit around !)

I've had problems with eating in the past (both anorexia and bulimia) so I need support in eating normal amounts whilst still losing weight. I'm a university student, so I have a busy lifestyle too!

Sophmore highschool; im in the prime of my youth I want to be smoking.

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